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All-Star Students Put Their STEM Prowess on Display During Action-Packed VEX Robotics World Championship
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:37 PM
On April 23-26, 2014, students from around the world will converge on Anaheim, Calif. for the ultimate robotics showdown - The VEX Robotics World Championship!

FIRST® Announces New Strategic Partners
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:35 PM
The 3M Company, Google, and United Technologies Named Strategic Partners of Global, Not-For-Profit, K-12, STEM Organization

LaserCoil Technologies Announces Blanking Service for Short-run and Prototype Parts
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:34 PM
New high-speed, coil-fed laser blanking process produces complex shapes of superior quality from a variety of materials.

At PaperCon 2014, April 27-30, Festo Emphasizes Higher Machine Uptime through Both Technology and Training
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:33 PM
Festo is showcasing new technology such as an all-in-one DC servo motor/drive for fast precise motion control and a host of training options offered by Didactic, the company's training arm.

Sigma Labs, Inc. Signs An Agreement With Materialise NV To Integrate Sigma Labs' PrintRite3D® Quality Inspection Technology Into 3D Printing Software
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:31 PM
To address the quality issues we continue to be successful in implementing our PrintRite3D® product with major North American aerospace customers.

Arcturus UAV Unveils JUMP™ Fixed Wing VTOL UAV
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:28 PM
"This is a pivotal moment in the history of small unmanned air vehicles."

Multispectral Camera Payload on Draganflyer Unmanned Aircraft System Provides Agricultural and Environmental Data Collection
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:26 PM
Draganfly Innovations releases Multispectral Camera System which aides in gathering useful data for monitoring crop and environmental health.

Oregon-based Tech Company, APlus Mobile, Announces Launch of the MotherBone™PiOne™ Via Kickstarter
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:25 PM
MotherBone™PiOne™ is a peripheral motherboard for BeagleBone Black & Raspberry Pi providing safe I/O expansion for Linux control systems

Chip-Sized Digital Optical Synthesizer to Aim for Routine Terabit-per-second Communications
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:24 PM
Precise control of optical frequency on a chip could offer revolutionary technology advances similar to those from the move from AM radio to FM radio in the 1940s

Gichner Systems Group to Exhibit at Upcoming AAAA and AUVSI Events
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:22 PM
2014 AUVSI Unmanned Systems Exhibition from May 13-15 in Orlando, FL.

Robotic Friend for Children ZiBear Takes Robotics Craze to the Next Level
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 08:21 PM
Today, Zetta Sense announced early success of the ZiBear smart toy in their Indiegogo campaign. The fun and educational opportunities of this intelligent talking bear are virtually unlimited.

New HPGP Series High Torque Planetary Gearhead from Harmonic Drive™
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 11:43 AM
Harmonic Drive now offers a NEW high-torque planetary gearhead based upon our high precision HPG Harmonic Planetary® gears. The HPGP series achieves 33% higher torque while maintaining high precision through use of our innovative ring-gear technology and high moment stiffness through use of an integral cross-roller output bearing.

MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 09:37 AM
The next generation of high-performance positioning controllers maxon motor launches the MAXPOS 50/5. This compact EtherCAT Slave unveils unprecedented possibilities as far as precision, dynamics, and synchronization are concerned.

Highly Dynamic Brushless DC motors
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 09:36 AM
Compact yet powerful In automation and robotics, many applications are characterized by high energy and high torque at the same time. Spatial restrictions also mean that drives must be short, have a long service life and be maintenance-free.

More to configure - Motor, gearhead and encoder tailored to your needs.
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 09:35 AM
The maxon X drives family of configurable products is growing. Like all motors in the DCX series, these brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. In addition to the technical highlights, the program's appeal lies in the configuration options.

More to configure - Motor, gearhead and encoder tailored to your needs.
Submitted on: 04/22/14, 09:33 AM
The maxon X drives family of configurable products is growing. Like all motors in the DCX series, these brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. In addition to the technical highlights, the program's appeal lies in the configuration options.

Black Hawks, Killer Bees, Foley Freeze, Martians and Others Prepare to Invade 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship (April 23-26)
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:17 PM
The Chrysler Foundation to provide more than $20,000 in booster funds to help teams power up for FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis, Mo. ----The Chrysler Foundation's 2014 commitment to FIRST Robotics increases to $229,000

Littelfuse iDesign™ Tool is the First Fuse Design and Selection Tool of Its Kind in the Circuit Protection Industry
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:15 PM
Robust, web-based tool reduces time and uncertainty when selecting optimal fuse for application

278 Teams of U.S. Students Named State Winners in the 12th Annual eCYBERMISSION Competition
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:14 PM
U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program Develops Middle School Students' Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Mouser, TE Connectivity and Altera Team Up to Sponsor FIRST® Championship
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:12 PM
April 23-26 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis

Additive Manufacturing Users Group Recognizes Excellence
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:02 PM
Reebok and C.ideas take top honors in annual 3D printing competition.

OceanWorks International Delivers Additional Seafloor Nodes to Harris CapRock Communications
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:01 PM
OceanWorks International completed the delivery of a spare node base and two node pods to Harris CapRock Communications (HCC) in support of the ongoing operation and maintenance of CSnet International's Offshore Communications Backbone (OCB) system.

2014 Stevens Innovation Expo Spotlights More than 120 Student Research Projects
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 06:00 PM
Stevens Institute of Technology to Display more than 120 Technologies that Could Lead to Breakthroughs

Optical Tweezers' Control Micro-Robots
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 05:58 PM
The development of light-driven 'micro-robots' that can autonomously investigate and manipulate the nano-scale environment in a microscope comes a step closer, thanks to new research from the University of Bristol.

ALIAS Seeks to Provide Portable, Flexible Advanced Autopilot Capabilities
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 05:56 PM
New program plans to leverage technological advances of the past 50 years to help reduce pilot workload, augment mission performance and improve aircraft safety

New World Record: Peak Performance of Pulsed laser diodes Up to 650 Watts at 905 nm in a TO-18 Housing
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 05:53 PM
Peak Performance of Pulsed Laser Diodes at 650 W

DSI® Introduces Solderable Coatings and Face Metallization Optical Coatings
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 05:22 PM
The coatings can be applied to virtually all commonly used optical materials

Exor's New eTOP310 - Powerful Industrial PLC/Workstation
Submitted on: 04/21/14, 07:43 AM
The UniOP eTOP310 combines great features and performance with full compatibility with UniOP legacy products and UniOP Designer 6 software. The eTOP310 is an ideal choice to improve your existing HMI application.

Aero Surveillance introduces a new partnership with Aero Composite Innovation
Submitted on: 04/20/14, 02:42 AM
The first system coming from the collaboration is Aero Surveillance AS 20 based on ACInnov R^2 rhomboid aircraft, a highly miniaturized ARDENT™ sensor suite and a portable Ground Control Station.

New MicroTCA.4 Chassis from VadaTech Solves Power Redundancy Problem
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 04:08 PM
- VadaTech now offers an 8U high chassis compliant with the MicroTCA.4 specification that offers N+1 redundant power to 4400W.

FIRST® Robotics Students Get Opportunity to Use Tableau Software to Analyze Data for Competition
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:26 PM
Tableau Helps Not-For-Profit Organization Draw Awareness to Benefits of Data Analysis in Robotics

Sustainable Farming Provider Got Produce? Announces New Drone Sensor Technology
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:25 PM
Got Produce?® announces its new innovations in drone technology for use in hydroponic greenhouses. Drone technologies allow targeted real-time information for immediate control response.

Erkomat and Thrace Polybulk Launch New System for Fully Automatic Big-Bag Filling
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:23 PM
The main benefits of this revolutionary filling system are high output & low manning, relatively short investment payback time and health/ environment & safety advantages. The system also opens up possibilities to centralize filling operations with integrated system suppliers through cooperation which ensures smooth start-up and simpler support.

Seegrid's Vision-Guided Automation System to Help Increase Intelligence of Hyster's Lift Trucks
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:22 PM
Today, Hyster Company announced that by working with Seegrid®, the leading provider of vision-guided flexible automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Guided by Seegrid® technologywill soon be available to Hyster customers.

New SDK allows ease of set up for cameras in diverse applications
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:20 PM
All Baumer GigE and USB3 Vision cameras are now available with the newly released version 2.2 of the Baumer GAPI software development kit (SDK).

FANUC's Arbitrary Speed Threading Now on 0i-TD & 0i Mate-TD CNCs
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:16 PM
Arbitrary speed threading allows the operator to adjust the spindle speed during a threading cycle to eliminate vibration and chatter.

DENSO Robotics Presents New Robot for Sterile Environments at the Automatica 2014
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:00 PM
This robot is specially suited for the pharmaceutical and medical industries / Access to the ORiN-network gives customers high flexibility and makes it easier to integrate the robots into the production process.

Barrett Excels at Hand-Eye Coordination!
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 01:49 PM
BarrettHand Gets Patented Palm-Mounted Vision

MICROMO Introduces the new FAULHABER 3890 CR DC Motor
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 01:16 PM
Another benchmark for power and performance

MICROMO introduces the new FAULHABER IEH2-4096 Integrated Encoder-Best in its Class
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 01:12 PM
The FAULHABER IEH2-4096 integrated encoder can be used in a wide range of applications, including measurement devices, valve systems (camera technology), and mirror positioning or lens/filter adjustment (precision optics).

MICROMO Introduces the New FAULHABER 17/1 Series Planetary Gearhead
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 01:10 PM
Ideal for applications which demand the highest torque

Intelligrated expands management and sales team for Brazilian operations
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 06:45 AM
New hires provide additional support for customers in South American markets

First Shipment of 3D Printers Arrives as Pre-Order Goes Live Today
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 01:49 PM
E-commerce shoppers can now buy at introductory price

Registration Opens for Microchip's 18th Annual Worldwide MASTERs Conference; Premiere Technical Training Event for Embedded-Control Engineers
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 01:47 PM
Conference Held August 20-23, 2014 with Pre Conference on August 18-19 at Phoenix Resort; Classes Available for All Experience Levels, From Beginner to Expert

Google VP Named Dean of Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 01:45 PM
Renowned Computer Scientist Andrew Moore Returns To Lead Top-Ranked Computer Science School

ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. Announces Online Quoting for 3D Printing
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 01:44 PM
The online quoting system will provide customers with the ability to utilize 3DMT's wide array of 3D capabilities.

600+ Industrial Leaders Converge On Milwaukee for the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 01:42 PM
Prestigious industry event also known as the "Oscars of Manufacturing"

State-of-the-art safety upgrade for stainless steel rolling mill
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 01:01 PM
Networked architecture provides independent control of six safety zones.

MVTec Introduces MERLIC A New Generation of Vision Software
Submitted on: 04/16/14, 12:53 PM
MERLIC is an all-in-one, PC-based solution.

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