GAM Gear Achieves Record Sales and Boosts Capacity to Meet Market Demand

By building domestic production capacity and inventory, GAM enhances customer experience and expedites shipping of robust, feature-rich standard and custom components

MT. PROSPECT, Ill. April 10, 2012 - GAM Gear, LLC (GAM Enterprises, Inc.) a leading provider of precision mechanical motion control components for automation machinery, today announced significant growth since the global recession. A solid performer in automation, packaging, machine tool, semi-conductor, and other industry market sectors, GAM has seen an average of 29 percent growth annually since 2000. In the first six months of 2010, demand for GAM's inline planetary product line increased 225 percent over the same period the year prior.

During the global economic downturn, GAM continued to invest in product development and expansion of its distribution channels. By transitioning manufacturing to the U.S. and strategically diversifying suppliers, GAM circumvented supply constraints and significantly expedited shipments. A cornerstone of its growth trajectory, the GAM product portfolio features a broad range of gear reducers, servo couplings, safety couplings and motor mount kits. GAM offers an extensive line of bellows couplings for servo applications and the latest in hypoid gear technologies for machines, both of which the company was first to introduce into the North American market.

"Ramping up production capacity and streamlining the supply chain strengthens our ability to bring innovative solutions and superior service levels to valued customers. That level of responsiveness is reflected in the commensurate uptick in orders surpassing our forecasted projections," according to Craig Van den Avont, president, GAM Gear.

In 2011, GAM redesigned its manufacturing production floor and purchased new machinery to handle increased operational demands and material flow. The new automated equipment allows for 24-hour production runs and more rapid changeover times. By transitioning to domestic production of standard gearboxes, including its Dyna-Lite and EPL-Series, GAM can further reduce dependency on global suppliers and enable the development of new products and customized systems. In addition to staffing up workers on production lines, GAM recently hired for several key positions, including a regional sales manager, applications engineer, marketing specialist, and a materials manager.

In standard and custom applications, GAM products are known in the industry for delivering value, durability and performance. Taking standard product and customizing per application or creating custom application/product from design phase. Other recent product introductions include the V-Series, L-Series and SPH-series helical gearing for high precision applications.

"The GAM 'can do' corporate culture yields robust, performance-driven products that solve our customers' toughest equipment challenges-at a value-added price point," adds Van den Avont. "As the economy rebounds we are well positioned to accelerate momentum into material handling, packaging, medical equipment design and other emerging motion control markets that gain value through optimized capital equipment investments."

The entire catalog and 2D/3D CAD models are available online to help GAM customers with product selection and configuration early in the design phase, saving design engineering time and costs. To learn more about GAM 'can do' solutions, please visit the new enhanced GAM website at

About GAM Gear, LLC
GAM Gear, LLC is a leading provider of precision mechanical power transmission components used in the automation of machinery. GAM has a broad product range of gear-reducers, servo-couplings, safety-couplings, and motor mount kits. GAM's mission is to give our customers what they want and be able to do it even in small quantities and at a value to the customer. For more information about GAM visit: or call 888.GAM.7117.

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Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

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