New Handheld Infrared Thermal Camera with Super Resolution - R500 by Soltec / Avio

The new R500 portable, handheld, infrared thermal imaging camera has enhanced image technology without requiring a tethered PC for image processing and is the first of its kind to offer Super Resolution technology showing 4x more pixels than native resolution with on-board camera processing. A lightweight body and fast operation makes Soltec / Avio's latest IR camera ideal for R&D as well as predictive and preventative maintenance of process machinery, electrical power monitoring, automotive manufacturing / testing, repair industries, PWB industry and more.

San Fernando, CA May 13, 2014

Soltec, Inc. announces the new Model R500 640 x 480 pixel high resolution handheld thermal imaging camera developed by Soltec's parent Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. of Japan, brand name Avio. The R500 includes Avio's SuperResolution technology built into the camera that provides over 1.2 Megapixel resolution images, an easy-to-read color display with separate view finder for bright daylight use, and no need to connect to external devices to generate the SuperResolution pictures. It joins Avio Model R300SR infrared cameras as industry's first handheld thermal imaging devices to offer onboard SuperResolution processing.

The R500 is ideal for R&D applications as well as predictive/preventative maintenance of process machinery, electrical power supply monitoring, automotive manufacturing/testing, repair industries, roof inspection for water damage, building HVAC flaws, alternative medical applications, PWB industry, and many more. The company is also testing the R500 for use in veterinary medicine and viewing human body heat signatures.

R500 features a highly portable, well balanced design to help reduce fatigue, one-hand operation, and enhanced in-camera SuperResolution technology for 4X image resolution without requiring a tethered PC for processing. With a lightweight body, workers experience greater comfort while a clear, easy-to-use GUI interface aids faster operation.

Byron McIntire, President & CEO of Soltec, Inc., said, "The R500 is a versatile, easy-to-use Thermal Imaging Camera with SuperResolution at an economical price. We are honored to introduce this latest Avio camera technology into the North American market. The R500 is already having a positive impact within the process, maintenance and power utility industries. We anticipate strong growth within the automotive and general R&D arenas as well."

The R500 Series, which uses a unique Avio Super Resolution technology algorithm to show 4X more pixels than the native resolution, boosts accuracy and fault finding to increase productivity for a better ROI. Avio's 640 x 480 pixel resolution cameras have been adopted by some of the world's top Electrical Power Utility, Maintenance Plants and Oil and Gas Storage Plants. The new R500 series shall upgrade these and all users with effectively a 4X increase in pixel resolution at a lower price.

ABOUT SOLTEC, Inc., an NEC Group Company

Founded in 1968, Soltec, Inc. (dba Soltec Corporation) operated as a private California corporation for over 43 years until being acquired by NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd. (now Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. and brand name "Avio") in 2011 to become an NEC Group company and a California corporation.

Avio and Soltec brand products include: thermal infrared cameras and systems, high speed data acquisition recorders, micro joining precision welders (resistance, reflow, ultrasonic and laser), and automated seam sealer and lid tacking systems.

Soltec/Avio is also the North America (USA, Canada & Mexico) exclusive agent for Stähle brand vehicle driving robots and steering systems for autonomous and dynamometer vehicle testing applications.

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