RobotShop Works with Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to Provide New FlowArm PLTW Software to Schools with Lynxmotion Robotic Arms

RobotShop, the parent company of Lynxmotion, reinforces its commitment to education and PLTW by providing a free license of the new FlowArm PLTW to all schools which already own a Lynxmotion robotic arm.

Mirabel, Quebec, Canada July 21, 2014

RobotShop announced today that it is releasing a new FlowArm PLTW software made in conjunction with Project Lead The Way, a leading provider of science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum for students in grades K-12. As part of the new release, RobotShop is giving a free copy of the software, valued at $9.99 each, to all PLTW schools that already own a Lynxmotion robotic arm.

Lynxmotion, which was acquired by RobotShop in 2012, is one of the oldest manufacturers of robotic kits, and has always been committed to providing quality robots to further learning, student development, and STEM education. Lynxmotion's line of robotic arms in particular are widely used in schools because of their quality and value.

The new FlowArm PLTW software was created using FlowBotics Studio, the new robotics software development platform by RobotShop. FlowArm PLTW is a program which allows the user to control a Lynxmotion AL5D arm and easily create complex movement sequences by dragging an animated representation of the arm on their screen rather than having to write code.

"The new FlowArm PLTW software offers a significant improvement over the previous software used to program the Lynxmotion robotic arm as part of the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) course within the PLTW Engineering curriculum. Providing the FlowArm software free of charge to all PLTW schools which already own a Lynxmotion robotic arm makes the transition to this new software as smooth as possible," said Mario Tremblay, CEO of RobotShop. "We are committed to ensuring students have the best robotic hardware and software possible to ensure they are interested in and pursue STEM education to be competitive in today's market."

Across the U.S. United States, more than 1,050 PLTW teachers are trained to teach the CIM course, giving thousands of students access to hands-on, real-world learning experiences.

"PLTW is pleased to work closely with talented teachers, instructional designers, and RobotShop to continue making the student learning experience even better," said Anne Jones, Chief Program Officer of Project Lead The Way. "The FlowArm PLTW software is used in the PLTW Engineering Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) course, which gives students an opportunity to develop skills in robotics and automation and build a foundation for an exciting career in the high-tech manufacturing industry. This software improves the accuracy and speed of the robot arm, allowing students a simulation experience that more closely matches engineering design in a manufacturing environment."

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FlowBotics Studio is a new robotics software development platform. It's the perfect tool to create robot apps and it provides everything you need to make your robots smarter.

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Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the nation's leading provider of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. PLTW's world-class, activity-, project-, and problem-based curriculum and high-quality teacher professional development model, combined with an engaged network of educators and corporate partners, help students develop the skills needed to succeed in the global economy. More than 5,000 elementary, middle, and high schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia currently offer PLTW courses to their students.

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Lynxmotion is one of the oldest manufacturers of robotic kits, including robot arms, biped walking robots, quadrupeds, hexapods, quadcopters, drones and more. The selection of products and guides are important tools for teaching and learning many different complex aspects in robotics.

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