Indiegogo - MJI Announces The Launch Of AI Robot Companion On Indiegogo

MJI, a Japan-based robot developer, is pleased to announce the launch of an AI companion robot, “Tapia,” on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Tokyo Japan - Tapia is a communication robot that learns your lifestyle and assists you in many ways in your daily life as your roommate, friend, and partner. She will warm your heart with jokes and laughter after a long day at the office and help you keep closer to your loved ones who are miles away by calling them.

She gives you helpful updates on weather conditions when you are headed out, and can play music when asked to set the mood or help you relax. She will stay faithfully by your side and evolve right along with you on life's journey with the following features.


Tapia memorizes your facial features, name, and birthdate. Want to guess what she might say on your birthday morning?


Conversations with Tapia will naturally change and evolve depending on how you speak to her. If you talk with her a lot every day, you will begin to hear new humorous and surprising words.


Tapia is also the perfect personal assistant able to place phone calls, provide weather updates, manage your schedule, read you the news, etc., giving you all the perks of having a personal assistant at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The built-in SIM slot makes connecting to the Internet a breeze.


Tapia helps those living alone enjoy greater personal security and freedom by monitoring when they come and go and contacting family members if they've not returned home for a certain period of time.


Tapia can help you celebrate by taking photos of important memories and playing music when you want to relax, set the mood, or feel like dancing! Tapia is your companion. It's completely up to you just how to make the most of her!


The rounded design represents "Wa (harmony)" that characterizes the Japanese spirit. "Wa" stands for compassion for others, kindness, and peaceful relationships. We want Tapia to be your best companion, the one who will always be there with you.


Tapia's big round eyes express all emotions—joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, etc., and she will be there, watching over you any time you need her.

For super early bird through a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, the consumer version of Tapia is offered at US$580 plus shipping and the developer versions of Tapia at US$615 plus shipping. Language options that you can choose when you first set up are English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Estimated delivery is around December 2016.

About MJI

MJI Inc., established in 2015, is a Japan-based company with the slogan, "MORE JOYFUL INNOVATION." MJI develops communication robots that color your life and always stay beside you.

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