Zeus Battle Robot is Now Shipping

-The most sophisticated, powerful and FUN fighter robot is now available at Amazon - perfect for gamers, robot fighter hobbyists, and for those who want to learn about robotic technologies and programming -Customizable with different shapes and colors, ZEUS is YOUR personal Robot – For Fighting and Robot Olympics – Racing, Jumping, Tossing

Originally announced at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the new Moorebot Zeus Battle Robot kit from Pilot Labs is now available at Amazon and online. The kit includes the robot, wireless controller, battery and charger, as well as a library of mechanical design files for users who want to customize the robot armor with 3D printing with unique colors, shapes and designs.

Gamers will love the Zeus Battle Robot. It is designed to be best robot battle fighter and robot Olympics competitor on the market! In addition, it is also an excellent educational tool for kids, families, and even serious robot technology developers. Not only can users customize the appearance of their robot via 3D printing, Zeus provides an excellent opportunity to learn about robot development and programming by using the included programming tools and resources.

"This might be most competitive fighter and robot athlete in the world," says Jun Ye, CEO of Pilot Labs. "Zeus brings the sport of robot fighting to an entirely new level. From Boxing, to Kung Fu, to Karate, to Robot Olympics, unleashing robot power is in the palm of your hand. Or at least in the wireless controller!"

"Zeus is an excellent robot for serious enthusiasts," says Tristan Green, Editor at The Next Web. "Its marketed as a fighting robot, but its articulation and customization make it whatever your ingenuity and imagination want it to be. With this robot, Moorebot has provided everything you need except creativity. Its a lot of fun, and I definitely think itd be a great project for parents and children to build and play with together."

Check out the GREAT Zeus Battle Robot review by Tristan Greene at The Next Web. https://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2018/07/04/review-the-moorebot-zeus-is-my-favorite-fighting-robot-yet/

Approximately 14 inches high and weighing in at 2.2 Kg, the Zeus robot was specifically designed for battle competition. The standard configuration is comprised of 22 Servo motors with up to 25Kg punch force each, with up to 32 motors for the next advanced version. All Servo motors are metal-geared for durability during battle and to sustain heavy forces. The punch speed can reach up to 150m/sec.

The heavy duty custom developed battery supports up to 50 minutes of continuous fighting. The product comes with many standard movements, with an additional graphical programming tool for users to customize more movements. The current version uses a manual wireless controller but future versions will be more autonomous using built in intelligence, computer vision and even Alexa or other voice control.

Designed for serious gamers and robot fighting enthusiasts, the retail price for the 14Kg punch force kit will be about $1600 USD.
In addition, Zeus Robot and Pilot Labs will be sponsoring an international fighting Robot contest with big cash prizes. Follow www.moorebot.com for more updates.

To order a Moorebot Zeus Battle Robot, please visit Amazon

Also, check out the Khan Flicks "unboxing" and demo video at YouTube - https://youtu.be/OZOPriexZVM

Check out our Moorebot Zeus video channel at YouTube - including our "how to program the Zeus Battle Robot" videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXhAzyAwVXFA2LVhoX3FN7w/videos

About Pilot Labs Technologies Co., Ltd.

Pilot Laboratories, Inc. in San Diego, CA, is a leading product design and development company utilizing the state-of-art technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things(IoT). The company's product portfolio includes robots, smart lighting and wireless sensing. Pilot Labs develops unique high quality smart products that are fun, exceptional, personalized and content rich.
More information here at http://www.moorebot.com

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