Olympus Controls Becomes a Dunkermotor Channel Partner

Full line of Dunkermotor linear and rotary motion control solutions now available from Olympus Controls' branches in Portland, San Francisco and Dallas areas.

Elgin, IL -- February 7, 2012 -- Solar tracker and solar power generation motor manufacturer, Dunkermotor, today announced that Olympus Controls, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, has become an authorized distributor for its full line of linear and rotary motion products. With branches in the Portland, San Francisco Bay and Dallas areas, Olympus Controls maintains sales engineering presence in nine other strategic western U.S. locations with focus on every aspect of machine automation. This new channel partner relationship came about as a result of Dunkermotor's parent firm's acquisition of the Copley Motion Systems linear motor business in the U.K., whose products had previously been distributed by Olympus Controls.

\"We have a growing customer base for what are now the Dunkermotor linear motor products and we are excited to add the unique line of Dunkermotor rotary motor and motion control systems to our product portfolio,\" said Scott Hendrickson, Olympus Controls' CEO. \"Our goal is to be the first solution partner our customers call when they are working on a new machine application and the Dunkermotor low voltage brushed and brushless DC and intelligent servo motor solutions are a welcome addition.\"

Established in 1998, Olympus Controls is a customer-driven, solutions focused company whose expertise covers every aspect of machine automation, including machine and motion control, mechatronics, robotics and conveyor systems, machine vision and barcode, sensors and safety. Collectively, the Olympus staff offers several hundreds of years experience in solving machine automati on applications.

\"We are proud to add Olympus Controls to our growing, but select, group of channel partners,\" said Wilfrid Vinson, President of Dunkermotor. \"Olympus knows that it takes more than good products to effectively solve an application; it takes good engineers. We understand that Olympus' engineers have successfully implemented hundreds of projects in every major industry sector on the West Coast and the application engineers at our Dunkermotor TechCenter here in Elgin, Illinois look forward to working together with their team.\"

About Dunkermotor:

Headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, Dunkermotor is the North American sales, technical support and logistics subsidiary of Dunkermotoren GmbH, for 60 years the global quality and value leader in customized, configurable sole-source fractional horsepower motion control solutions composed of BLDC, PMDC and AC electric motors, gearmotors, controls, encoders and brakes, as well as linear motion solutions. With headquarters in the Black Forest in Bonndorf, Germany and production and/or logistics facilities in Europe, Asia and the U.S., Dunkermotoren employs 1000 globally and produced over 3.4 million motors in 2011 for the solar tracker and power, factory and commercial automation, specialty machinery, packaging, medical, semiconductor, and mass transportation industries.

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