techJOYnT Partners with RobotsLAB To Bring Award Winning Robots to Oklahoma Public Schools

techJOYnT partners with RobotsLAB to bring award winning robots to Oklahoma Public Schools. RobotsLAB BOX is a teaching aid designed to help educators demonstrate abstract concepts in math and science through the innovative use of robots.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma December 31, 2013

techJOYnT Academy and RobotsLAB have teamed up to help bring educational robots into Oklahoma public schools. The award-winning RobotsLAB BOX is a teaching aid designed to help educators demonstrate abstract concepts in math and science through the innovative use of robots. Beginning in early January, RobotsLAB BOX will be incorporated into techJOYnT's new Mobile STEM Lab.

"We combine our passions for education and robotics in order to engage students in STEM curriculum; improve their level of education; and create smarter, user-friendly and affordable robotic solutions that are simple for educators to use," said Elad Inbar CEO of RobotsLAB.

RobotsLAB BOX is synergistic with President Obama's "Educate to Innovate" campaign; aiding in the race towards the US becoming global leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by inspiring students to be the next generation of makers, discoverers, and innovators. RobotsLAB BOX was recently recognized as a Game Changer in Education by Robotics Business Review.

"You can open the box, turn on the preloaded tablet and within minutes be explaining quadratic equations with a quadcopter," explains Prof. Peter Stone, The University of Texas at Austin. "You don't need to be experienced with robotics or have a degree in computer science, just an enthusiasm for your subject area."

These robots have been seen in public schools across the United States. techJOYnT, a leader in combining innovation and technology to help engage and educate students, believes that RobotsLAB BOX is an integral part of putting Oklahoma ahead of the curve in education.

"RobotsLAB BOX is one of many tools we use at techJOYnT. It's perfect for giving a visual demonstration of math and science concepts to our students. The fact that it is simple for teachers to use and incredibly engaging to students makes it a perfect fit for our Mobile STEM Lab," said techJOYnT CEO, Ray Shaik.

techJOYnT's new Mobile STEM Lab is designed around the subjects of Game Design, Electronics, App Development, and Robotics (GEAR). Over the past few months, Ray Shaik has been working with public and private schools, as well as other non-profit organizations, to fine tune a mobile STEM classroom to be used in an after school setting.

The Mobile STEM Lab will make its debut at Oakdale Public Schools on January 13th, 2014. techJOYnT will be doing eight-week, after-school LEGO robotics course as well as assembling BotBall teams for Oakdale Elementary and Middle School.

The Botball Educational Robotics Program engages middle and high school aged students in a team-oriented robotics competition, and serves as a perfect way to meet today's new common core standards. By exposing students to an inquiry-based, learn-by-doing activity that appeals to their hearts as well as their minds, Botball addresses our nation's need for a well-prepared, creative, yet disciplined workforce with leadership and teamwork experience.

"This is the first year that BotBall is available to elementary school students and I am excited to see what they can do," explains Ray Shaik. "We are thrilled to work with Oakdale and I have a feeling that they will be the flagship for what's to come. I would love to see more public and private schools getting involved in STEM Education and I believe that techJOYnT has the perfect solution to get them started."

For more information about RobotsLAB BOX, techJOYnT after school programs, or to schedule a demonstration of RobotsLAB BOX, please contact Bryan Sekine at (405) 757-7858 or email at bryan.sekine(at)techjoynt(dot)com

About techJOYnT Academy

techJOYnT delivers curriculum to reinforce traditional science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. The organization offers families, students, and mentors the opportunity to learn engineering and entrepreneurship concepts through hands-on robotics and game design projects. Programs are offered at local libraries, community centers, public and private schools, and at t echJOYnT Academy's location.

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