Black Hawks, Killer Bees, Foley Freeze, Martians and Others Prepare to Invade 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship (April 23-26)

The Chrysler Foundation to provide more than $20,000 in booster funds to help teams power up for FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis, Mo. ----The Chrysler Foundation's 2014 commitment to FIRST Robotics increases to $229,000

The Chrysler Foundation will award more than $20,000 in booster funding to 12 Michigan high school robotics teams that are heading to the 2014 FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Championship, April 23-26 at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo.

The grants - roughly $1,800 per team - will help offset costs associated with registration fees and travel expenses. In January, The Chrysler Foundation kicked off the 2014 FIRST Robotics' design and build season by awarding $5,000 grants to 41 teams based in the United States and Canada. Subsequently, the teams were challenged to build robots capable of competing in Aerial Assist, a game played by two competing Alliances (teams) of three robots. Each Alliance attempts to score as many balls as possible into their opponents goals during a two (2)-minute and 30-second match. Points are also awarded for teamwork.

"The Chrysler Foundation and Chrysler Group are proud to play a role in encouraging students to explore the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education," said Jody Trapasso, Senior Vice President - External Affairs, Chrysler Group LLC and President of The Chrysler Foundation. "We wish all of the teams the best of luck as they embark on this exciting and rewarding challenge."

"We are equally proud of our employees who generously share their time and talents as mentors and competition coordinators," Trapasso said. In the U.S. alone, 70 Chrysler Group employees serve as mentors for teams sponsored by The Chrysler Foundation.

The following teams will receive booster funds from The Chrysler Foundation:

School(s) - Team Name
Bishop Foley Catholic High School - Foley Freeze
Bloomfield Hills High School - Bionic Black Hawks
CSMTech Academy and Clarkston High School - Team RUSH
Goodrich High School - Martians
Goodrich High School - More Martians
Grand Blanc High School - EngiNERDs
Macomb Academy of Arts and Sciences - Fighting PI
Notre Dame Preparatory School - Killer Bees
Oxford Community Schools - TORC
Pontiac High School - Wings of Fire
Romeo Community Schools - Byting Bulldogs
Waterford Kettering High School - The Captains

Year-to-date, The Chrysler Foundation has awarded a total of $229,000 to robotics teams and organizations in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

Additional facts about The Chrysler Foundation's support of FIRST Robotics:

*At the start of the 2014 FIRST Robotics' design and build season in January, the Foundation gave $5,000 grants to 41 teams based in the United States and Canada.

*34 of those teams are based in the U.S.: 1 in Arizona; 1 in Illinois; 2 in Indiana; and 30 in Michigan, which has more registered FIRST Robotics Teams than any other state

*14 of the 41 teams sponsored by The Chrysler Foundation (12 Michigan and 2 Canadian teams) have qualified to compete in 2014 FIRST Robotics Championship, April 23-26 at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo.

*In 2014, more than 1,000 middle and high school students have been able to discover the rewards of science and technology through innovative projects and competitions, while also gaining valuable employment and life skills

*Since 1995, The Chrysler Foundation has invested nearly $2.1 million to support robotics teams across the United States and Canada

About The Chrysler Foundation
The Chrysler Foundation, the charitable arm of Chrysler Group LLC, has established a proud legacy of empowering people and investing in local communities. The Chrysler Foundation focuses its support on four key areas: Education: K-12 and post-secondary education initiatives that encourage the study and pursuit of careers in business, design, science, technology, engineering, mathematics or supply-chain management; Military: support for the nation's service members and their families in need; Multicultural / Diversity: initiatives that promote inclusion and advancement opportunities for diverse populations; and Youth Development: organizations and programs that provide mentoring and related assistance to aid youth in the transition to adulthood.

Since its inception in 1953, The Chrysler Foundation has awarded more than $500 million in charitable grants.

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