3D Robotics Introduces IRIS+, First Consumer Drone with “Follow Me” Technology

The new 3D Robotics IRIS+ includes all new features and design upgrades

Berkeley, CA September 08, 2014

3D Robotics, the leading North American drone company across both consumer and enterprise channels, today announced the launch of the 3D Robotics IRIS+™, the industry's first consumer drone with "follow me" technology. The IRIS+ system provides both hardware and software upgrades to the previous IRIS model, including new features such as self-tightening screw-on propellers, LED orientation lights, an improved power system, and lighter weight arms and legs to provide longer flight times. The IRIS+ remote controller has also been upgraded to provide the user with real-time telemetry data in the display.

The 3D Robotics IRIS+ is the industry's first consumer drone to implement 3PV™ Follow Me technology in a highly user-friendly aerial photography package, making it the best and most advanced overall drone available for everything from photography/videography to agricultural mapping to numerous safety applications. 3D Robotics' 3PV™ (3rd Person View) Follow Me technology turns your IRIS+ into your own hands-free aerial camera crew that puts you in the middle of your adventure. Not only will the IRIS+ follow you, but this advanced technology controls the gimbal as well to keep the camera centered on you, capturing sweeping cinematic video from a perspective unlike any other.

The IRIS+ includes automated mission planning right out of the box, compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux. With free DroidPlanner 2 software, IRIS+ users can plan flights by simply drawing a flight path on any Android tablet or phone, which allows for hands-free flight control. Now your drone will go where you tell it to go, and it can even keep your GoPro Hero 3 pointed at the same location via a Region of Interest (ROI) waypoint throughout the entire flight. This enables fun autonomous journeys and automatically stabilized video capture that would be otherwise impossible.

Features of IRIS+

First drone with "follow me" technology
Automated mission planning
Self-tightening screw-on propellers
Improved power system and light-weight arms and legs
20 minute flight time/15 minute flight time with GoPro Hero 3 and gimbal
Real time telemetry data on the remote controller display
LED orientation lights on each arm

"3D Robotics and our extended community of global developers are the future of the drone industry," stated Colin Guinn, senior vice president of 3D Robotics. "The IRIS+ and its revolutionary 3PV Follow Me technology provide for all new levels of drone applications for the average consumer and commercial user alike."

The IRIS+ is now available for purchase at http://www.3DR.com for only $750.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/3drobotics
YouTube video of IRIS+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yOCTgVqmeQ
Photo of IRIS+ in Action: http://snk.to/f-ct3l65mu
Photo of IRIS+ Tablet App: http://snk.to/f-cdniy9px
High-res Product Shot: http://snk.to/f-ctisg83c

About 3DR
3D Robotics develops innovative, flexible and reliable personal drones and UAV technology for everyday exploration and business applications. 3DR's UAV platforms capture breathtaking aerial imagery for consumer enjoyment and data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, 3D modeling and more. Our technology is currently used across multiple industries around the world, including agriculture, photography, construction, search and rescue and ecological study. 3DR is committed to bringing the power of UAV technology to the mainstream market. They are best known for their open-sourced platform and the Pixhawk: the most accessible, widely-used autopilot hardware on the market.

Founded in 2009 by Chris Anderson, founder of DIYDrones.com, and Jordi Munoz, 3D Robotics is a VC-backed startup with over 180 employees in North America and more than 28,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, 3DR operates engineering facilities in San Diego, CA; manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico; and marketing in Austin, TX.

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