Humanistic Robotics and Critical Solutions International (CSI) Partner to Offer Comprehensive Route Clearance Package

HRI landmine and IED rollers complement CSIs Husky vehicle to create a safer route clearance toolbox for the end user

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Humanistic Robotics, Inc., a robotics and technology innovator dedicated to making the world safer with technology, has partnered with Critical Solutions International (CSI) to package HRIs landmine and IED rollers with CSIs (life-saving) Husky vehicle, thus increasing the capabilities of CSIs offerings.

Known for its innovative, user-centered approach, HRI developed its mine rollers with funding from the U.S. Army and has now deployed them in multiple operations across Africa and the Middle East. From commercial oil and gas development, to peacekeeping missions and army engineering missions worldwide, route clearance is on the rise. Moreover, as new conflicts involving asymmetric warfare grow across the globe, landmine/IED protection strategy becomes increasingly important.

"The landmine and IED problem needs a multi-faceted toolbox to confront it, and our rollers provide an additional tool, adding value to CSI and their customers," said Samuel Reeves, Co-Founder and CEO, HRI. "Our rollers allow for protection in higher speed situations and with CSIs tremendous history of safe detection, it is the ideal match. We are excited to partner with such a respected company whose mission aligns so perfectly with ours."

Rollers are used to combat landmines and IEDs, with an ultimate goal of protecting the personnel traveling in a convoy where ease of use and maintenance are critical. HRIs rollers lead in accuracy, effectiveness and safety, and offer a radical simplicity that enables users to replace most parts in minutes without the need for a maintenance depot. HRI delivers great results because the roller is calibrated to always exert the threshold ground force requirement even on very difficult, uneven roads.

"HRIs rollers provide CSI with the ability to deliver a more comprehensive offering - increasing survivability and saving lives," said Patrick Callahan, CEO, CSI. "This need is on the rise, and a partnership like this makes perfect sense."

CSI is known across the industry for the Husky, a vehicle that combines advanced ground penetrating radar and sensors to detect buried mines and IEDs. With a presence on five different continents and more than a thousand systems fielded with nine countries to date, the addition of HRIs roller to CSIs toolbox means that this comprehensive solution can have an extremely wide impact.

"As the number of violent conflicts grow, you will see increased need for landmine and IED rollers which will be essential to defeating IED threats," said Josh Koplin, Co-Founder and CTO, HRI. "Its exciting to see a company like CSI being proactive to meet an increasing need."

CSI is an experienced provider of route clearance, wide area clearance, and C-IED solutions. The company provides the US and its allies with vehicle platforms, sensor/manipulator payloads, and other mounted and dismounted technologies in support of the C-IED mission. In 2012 CSI expanded its product offerings into domestic security and is currently providing intelligent surveillance systems into major US cities. CSIs expertise in system integration and integrated logistical support allow CSI to tailor and deliver robust C-IED and security solutions to customers worldwide; including austere environments where solutions are needed most urgently.

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