Measure Launches Franchise System, Setting New Direction For Drone Industry

Industry Leaders Partner to Deliver Drone Services on National Scale

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Measure announced today Measure Nationwide™, a proprietary franchise system that will be working to convert existing commercial drone operators around the country into Measure franchisees. The commercial drone industry has struggled with the challenge of reaching scale, characterized by hyper-local providers. Measure Nationwide™ will resolve this challenge of scale by bringing the most competent and qualified operators into one system and providing customers around the country with safe, legal, and insured flights and standardized data products.

"Customers with nationwide data requirements need standard services," said Measure CEO Brandon Torres Declet. "The franchise drone service model is our solution to reaching the operational scale our customers demand. Measure Nationwide™ will bring together best-in-class professionals and experts to move the drone industry toward better regulation, pricing power, and quality control."

Measure's Drone as a Service® model allows companies to acquire aerial data without making the steep capital investment in their own drone fleet. Franchisees will be able to grow their businesses with industry leading training, access to Fortune 1000 customers, a suite of standard software, drone financing, and lastly the support of a brand that has come to define commercial drone services.

Partners in the new franchise operations include QuickSpark, RoboticSkies, Skyward, and Transport Risk Management. Measure will also utilize PrecisionHawk's DataMapper software platform to manage, analyze and deliver geospatial information to customers. Additional partnerships will be announced throughout 2016.

QuickSpark CEO, Mike Rather:

"QuickSpark Financial is America's largest funding source for commercial drone financing. In addition to financing drones we also provide financing for most business essential equipment.
We work with all types of business entities, from startups to well established businesses, and are excited to offer our services to new drone franchise operators."

RoboticSkies CEO, Brad Hayward:

"Robotic Skies, the leading maintenance provider for commercial UAS systems, is proud to partner with Measure in this groundbreaking program. Given the enormous market demand that commercial drone create, it is our belief that service companies based on scalable business models will be the most successful in this emerging space. Participants in the Measure franchise can rest assured that their unmanned systems will be properly inspected and maintained through our vast network of service centers, better assuring that their aircraft will operate reliably, efficiently, and profitably."

Skyward CEO, Jonathan Evans:

"At Skyward, we are committed to helping commercial drone pilots fly safely and operate professionally—this is fundamental to the success of the entire industry. Measure's franchise model gives more companies than ever before access to Skyward's tools and best practices so they can fly smart and scale up their drone programs."

About Measure:

Measure is one of the nation's leading Drone as a Service® companies with Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly more than 1000 different types of drones for a broad range of commercial applications. We provide turnkey solutions to acquire, process, and deliver cost-effective, actionable aerial data to enterprise customers. We don't make drones. We make drones work. Please visit or email at

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