Omron's Table Tennis Robot FORPHEUS Certified by Guinness World Records® as the World's "First Robot Table Tennis Tutor"

Omron exhibited FORPHEUS in "CEATEC JAPAN 2015" in October 2015 in order to showcase technology that "brings out peoples abilities”.

YOTO, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Omron Corporation (TOKYO:6645) (Headquarters: Kyoto; President & CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) announced that table tennis robot FORPHEUS, which was first created in 2013 as a symbol of Omrons technological expertise and which continues to evolve, was certified as the "first robot table tennis tutor" in the world by Guinness World Records®.

Omron exhibited FORPHEUS in "CEATEC JAPAN 2015" in October 2015 in order to showcase technology that "brings out peoples abilities". FORPHEUS was certified on January 6, 2016 for a Guinness World Record as the "first robot table tennis tutor", and described in the Guinness Book of Records 2017 edition as follows: "In October, 2015, the Japanese company Omron Corporation introduced a table tennis robot with a sensor that measures the position of its opponent and the movement of the ball 80 times per second, can predict the trajectory of the ball and hit the ball back, and project the landing point of the ball."

Comments from Guinness World Records about the certification
Guinness World Records Japan Co., Ltd. Takumi Nippon Project leader, Vihag Kulshrestha said: "Guinness World Records Japan launched a project called Takumi Nippon in 2014 that has transmitted Japans wonderful technology to the world through the Guinness World Records. The world record achieved by FORPHEUS, which was developed with the technical capabilities of the Omron Corporation, as the worlds 'first robot table tennis tutor', is also a record for the Takumi Nippon Project. I am very pleased to be able to convey Japans wonderful artisanship to people all over the world."

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Omron developed the FORPHEUS table tennis robot as an experience-based demonstration of its vision of an evolution in the relationship between man and machine. Omron seeks to develop technologies that help create a richer society, creating a future of optimal "harmony" between people and machines in which machines have evolved from "co-operating" with goals set by humans to assisting people in making decisions for more creative lives.

About the name FORPHEUS
FORPHEUS (Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized aUtomation with Sinic Theoretics) expresses Omron's unique robotics technology based on SINIC Theory, Omron's proprietary theory for predicting future developments. FORPHEUS also stands "For (toward) Orpheus"* (in Greek mythology, a legendary musician, poet, and prophet who epitomized human creativity), manifesting Omron's orientation toward human creativity.

Past Activities
Unveiled to the public for the first time at the private exhibition Omron Total Fair 2013 in Beijing, China. Demonstrated Omrons future vision: "A new relationship between man and machine: Co-operation".
Unveiled in Japan for the first time at the Omron booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2014, held in Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.
Received the Grand Prix CEATEC INNOVATION AWARD, selected by members of the US media.
Unveiled in Indonesia for the first time at Omron Total Fair Indonesia, held in Jakarta.
Unveiled in Thailand for the first time at Omron Total Fair Thailand, held in Bangkok.
Launched a contest to select a name for the table tennis robot.
Participated in CEATEC JAPAN 2015 and demonstrated Omrons future vision: "Machines enhancing human abilities: Harmony" with the table tennis robot at the Omron booth.
Selected FORPHEUS as the name of the table tennis robot from 2,445 contest entries.
Participated in System Control Fair 2015 in Tokyo Big Sight at the Omron booth.
Certified as the First Robot Table Tennis Tutor by Guinness World Records.
Unveiled in India for the first time at the Omron booth at ELECRAMA 2016, held in Bangalore.
Unveiled in Germany for the first time at the Omron booth at HANNOVER MESSE 2016, held in Hannover.
Included in Guinness World Records 2017.

Dedicated FORPHEUS** Website:

About OMRON Corporation
OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of sensing and control. OMRON's business fields cover a broad spectrum, ranging from industrial automation and electronic components to automotive electronic components, social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and environmental solutions. Established in 1933, OMRON has over 39,000 employees worldwide, working to provide products and services in more than 110 countries and regions. In the field of industrial automation, OMRON supports manufacturing innovation by providing advanced automation technologies and products, as well as through extensive customer support, in order to help create a better society. For more information, visit OMRON's website at:

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