PACK Expo - Pro Mach Showcases More Than 100 Packaging Machines at Pack Expo - A Show within a Show

The company is the single largest exhibitor at Pack Expo 2016 with more than 37,000 square feet of exhibition space displaying solutions from more than 30 brands

At Pack Expo 2016, November 6-9 in Chicago, Pro Mach, Inc., a leading provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions for food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse companies, will field the largest collection of packaging machines - 111 in total - in the companys history. (Pro Mach Booth # S-3705)

With more than 37,000 square feet of exhibition space under the company banner and more than 30 brands represented, Pro Mach is the largest single exhibitor at Pack Expo and offers attendees a show within a show where packaging line innovations can be effectively evaluated and experts consulted.
For the first time at any exhibition, attendees will be able to learn more about Pro Mach Integrated Solutions Engineered by Zarpac. This new service provides low risk/ high value turnkey integration for a few machines or entire lines. This new Pro Mach capability includes turnkey integration of not only Pro Mach brands, but also any machine a customer specifies. Zarpac personnel will also highlight ZPI software, an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring tool for maintaining optimum equipment utilization for highest output. ZPI software is applicable to new lines and can be retroactively applied to most pre-existing systems regardless of equipment manufacturer.
Zarpac joined Pro Mach earlier this year. Other new brands under the Pro Mach banner in 2016 include the industry leading NJM Packaging, a premier pharmaceutical packaging solutions provider; Texwrap, shrink wrapping and bundling; Pacific Packaging, filling and capping of light to viscous fluids; and EPI Labelers for flexible packaging.
At this show Pro Mach brands are offering never before displayed solutions, including:
Axons range of three new shrink sleeve and tamper band applicators and a new high efficiency steam tunnel
A new automated self-guided shrink wrapper from Orion
Renncos next generation platform for high speed bagging
Roberts PolyPros new entry level automated handle applicator
New bundlers and shrink wrappers by Texwrap and Tekkra
And other new solutions from EPI, Federal, Pace, Toyo Jidoki, and more
Brenton introduces a small footprint, primary and secondary medical device packaging system that operates as if it were a single machine under the control of one operator. This new system utilizes Industry 4.0 concepts for exceptional flexibility and gives medical device manufacturers positive control of secondary packaging from forming through palletizing as well as lowest total cost of ownership. Device manufacturers can customize this packaging system to satisfy the requirements of their unique environments.
"Pro Machs core competencies are based on having best in class, single source solutions everywhere on the packaging line," said Mark Anderson, President and CEO of Pro Mach. "In terms of a one stop shop we offer leading brands in most vertical applications from filling and capping and labeling and coding at the front of the line to case packing, palletizing, and shrink wrapping at the end.
"We also offer the ability to integrate vertical solutions together to give our customers the advantages of a single point of contact. All of this means that Pro Mach can be as large or as small in terms of solutions as our customers wish. Furthermore, we bring brands outside of Pro Mach into the mix because we know there is more than simply one answer to every problem."
For more information on Pro Mach, visit The Pro Mach show within a show is in the McCormick Center South Hall in contiguous exhibits starting with Pro Mach Booth # S-3705. Additional booths are for Pacific Packaging (Booth S-3942), Zarpac (S-4014), and NJM Packaging (W-703) at the Pharma Expo.
About Pro Mach
Pro Mach is a leading provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions for food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse companies. Through multiple brands, Pro Mach provides product packaging and processing equipment, PMMI certified trainers, installation, parts, and service in Bottling & Capping, Primary Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Material Handling, Labeling & Coding, and End of Line, as well as Integrated Solutions for complete packaging lines.
Pro Mach has a diverse customer base, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, privately held businesses worldwide, which depend on reliable, flexible, technologically advanced equipment and integrated solutions. Pro Mach is headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, with manufacturing facilities and offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, United Arab Emirates, and China. For more information about Pro Mach, please visit

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