Locus Robotics Announces Over 3 Million-­‐Units-­‐Picked for Global Logistics and Retail Customers in November 2018


Locus Robotics today announced record-­‐breaking productivity numbers achieved in November 2018, delivering more than 3M units during the critical holiday season. Locus also added omnichannel logistics provider Port Logistics Group to its growing customer base, as well as several additional 3PL and retail customers, including specialty retailer Marleylilly.

"November was a watershed month for Locus Robotics," said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. "Not only did we launch new deployments at customer sites around the US, but it marked our first 3 million-­‐unit month. The volume grew week over week, and we actually hit 200,000 units per day during Cyber Week. These milestones are a testament to Locuss ability to nimbly adapt to rapid changes in volume on a monthly - or even daily - basis, in order to drive real productivity gains for our customers."

"As of December 1st, we have now picked 5.6M units cumulatively across multiple warehouse sites using the Locus solution," said Randy Tucker, President & CEO, GEODIS Americas. "We worked closely with Locus to bring more robot capacity online at each site, and then opened the holiday season floodgates. Now that weve seen the solution scale robustly during our high-­‐volume season, we are more confident than ever that Locus can be applied, at scale, in a variety of different warehouses, and we will be rolling out more sites in the New Year."

Locus scaled their robot populations at existing customer sites in anticipation of the expected rapid growth in volume during the critical holiday season. As a result of these efforts, Locus robots assisted with steadily growing volume throughout the month, picking 1.4 million units from Black Friday through Cyber Week.

Marleylilly, a pure-­‐play e-­‐commerce business specializing in monogrammed gifts, accessories, and apparel, adopted Locus earlier this year, and is seeing a big boost in productivity as their business grows.

"We had a great November, and this holiday season is shaping up to be a real record breaker," said Kelly Owens, CEO of Marleylilly. "We deliver a personalized experience for our customers,
and Locus helped us meet the high expectations we set by getting our customers their monogrammed orders quickly."

According to a study by the National Retail Federation (NRF), the 2018 shopping days from Black Friday through Cyber Monday saw an increase in multichannel shopping of almost 40%
compared to the same period in 2017. With retail e-­‐commerce sales at an all time high, the Locus solution is playing a critical role in ensuring that retail and logistics clients are able to manage significant increases in the volume of orders being moved through their fulfillment centers this holiday season.

"This holiday season has been an acid test for the scalability of our solution," said Faulk. "Our customers have proven the reliability and necessity of robots at scale. We will enter 2019 with a
new baseline of picking volume, and expect to see continued increases month over month as new sites come online."

For a perspective on using robots at scale during peak season, watch this short video:

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