Intelligent Marking Accelerates U.S., Global Expansion with Multi-Million Dollar Investment From Danish Entrepreneur

Creator of autonomous robot for GPS line marking of sports facilities adds 12 new employees to U.S. subsidiary, tripling number of total employees for Danish-based startup; Robots now in use on five continents

Hjørring, Denmark, and Acworth, Georgia - March 7, 2019 - Intelligent Marking, creator of the first and best-selling autonomous robots for GPS line marking on sports fields, today announced the expansion of its U.S. subsidiary in Georgia with a dozen new sales and support staff. This new aggressive global expansion for the Danish startup was made possible with the completion of a multi-million dollar funding round led by investor Johnny Laursen, CEO at Benjamin Capital.

"We are now positioned to rapidly grow and support our robotic sports turf line marking solution and dominate the U.S. marketplace in 2019 and beyond with this new strategically placed sales force and product support team," said Jason Aldridge, President, Intelligent Marking USA, Inc. "We're excited about having an existing customer base, which has already proven their labor improvements and cost savings, in combination with a newly formed sales structure and support staff, all within no more than a 4-hour drive from any prospect in the nation."

Intelligent Marking, founded by co-CEOs Anders Ulrik Sørensen and Andreas Ydesen as a high school project in 2014, is well under way to automating the painting of sports facilities worldwide, a market worth billions of dollars. The patented Intelligent One can mark lines on all types of sports fields (i.e. soccer, football, lacrosse) on natural grass or artificial turf, managed through a mobile app, eliminating the need for an operator while increasing precision and sustainability. Intelligent One is already sold or leased to non-profit sports organizations, municipalities, school districts, private schools, commercial contractors and professional teams in Europe, the U.S., Australia and Japan.

"Our customers have as many as 250 playing fields that need to be painted continuously, and once they try autonomous line marking with Intelligent One, they find that they cannot do without it," Sørensen said. "With our robot, they just have to choose the desired sport type and field layout, push a button, and then the robot will drive from field to field and make sure that the lines are accurate and precise. Some of our customers have proven annual savings of nearly 70 percent."

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the robot is $49,999, and based on prior experience with customers, the return on investment is 12 to 18 months. Companies, organizations and local authorities can also choose to lease the robot solution for less than $899 per month.

Sound investment team

Johnny Laursen, CEO of Benjamin Capital and well known in Denmark for several successful company startups and investment projects, will become 10 percent owner of the company. According to Laursen, he chose to get involved with Intelligent Marking because he sees the enormous potential for the Intelligent One robot.

"I do this because I am convinced that it is a very good investment," Laursen said. "I have followed them for some years, and I just love these guys and all the vigor, humbleness, ingenuity and diligence they put into it. They have already overcome many challenges and that has made them stronger. I love being part of this."

Other investors include Jacob Risgaard (Coolshop), Mikkel Jacobsen (Carsoe), and Henrik Jørgensen (Rævskær Holding), who acts as the company chairman of the board. This newly formed group of four investors provide the financial strength to reinforce and expand this new vertical market opportunity engineered by Intelligent Marking.

About Intelligent Marking:
Founded in 2015 by Anders Ulrik Sørensen and Andreas Ydesen, Intelligent Marking Ltd. is the company behind the world's first and most comprehensive autonomous line marking robot. Intelligent Marking USA, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of Intelligent Marking, situated in Acworth, Georgia. Notable customers from the United States include Raymond James Stadium, Florida; Premier Sports Campus, Florida; Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation, Louisiana; Grand Park Sports Campus, Indiana; Round Rock Sportsplex, Texas; Austin Bold FC, Texas; Gillette Stadium, Massachusetts; City of Salt Lake City, Utah; Town of Arlington, Tennessee; City of Decatur, Alabama; City of Springdale, Arizona; City of Allen, Texas; City of Dallas, Texas; City of Chesterfield, Missouri; Sozo Sports Campus, Washington; Legacy Sports Center, Michigan; University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island; New United FC, Wisconsin; Fortress Obetz Stadium, Ohio; Sauk-Rapids School District, Minnesota; Bozeman Sports Complex, Montana; and WRAL Soccer Park, North Carolina. For more information, visit

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