is a technical resource featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing and Factory Automation industries. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization, our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can share information and report on itself.

Our primary target audience:

  • System Integrators
  • Designers and Engineers
  • Manufacturers
  • Educators and Researchers

What is compelling about advertising with

We can help you choose from our diverse selection of ad formats and campaign options that will reach your best prospects.

Editorial opportunities and lead generation.

All of our advertisers have the opportunity to contribute editorial content for the eMagazine and publish unlimited press releases on our news page (Part of the Google News Team). They also get a free product listing and monthly list of leads generated via our information services.

Media Kit

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RoboticsTomorrow offers a variety of affordable, high impact advertising solutions that are both effective and budget friendly. Read through our Media Kit below to learn more about this lucrative opportunity:


Advertising Formats and Specification

Ad content can be changed at any time during the campaign allowing market experimentation and targeting. Rather than discounting unsold banner and hot spot views to third parties, we give our customers the extra views for free!

Run Of Site (ROS) Ad Formats

Banner Ads - Industry Standard

  • Circulate throughout the website resulting in excellent exposure.
  • IAB standard 468 x 60 pixels in size)
  • Animation OK
  • Minimum Buy - 6 months online

Hot Spot Ads - Our Top Performer

  • Circulate within sponsor boxes on every page as well as within the editorial content in articles, press releases, reviews etc.
  • IAB Standard - 120 wide x 240 pixels high allows more message space than a banner.
  • Animation OK
  • Minimum Buy - 6 months online

Sponsored Text or Logo Link - Maximum Exposure

  • Prominent placement within an uncluttered ad environment
  • See "Sponsor Boxes" on the side as well as at the bottom of every page
  • One Line of Text – 65 Characters OR your 120x60 pixel logo
  • Special Introductory Offer – Free with 6 Month Banner Campaign

Newsletter Sponsorships

Reach customers directly by including a standard banner or hot spot in our email newsletters. All newsletter sponsorship campaigns run for a minimum of six (6) months (twice per month) and the ads are included in both our General and Industry Newsletters.

Annual Marketing Partnership Programs

Year round presence with one annual fee. Let us help you keep your message in front of our readers with a minimum of maintenance. A basic Partnership includes:

Ask a sales representative about enhanced partnership opportunities which add text and logo links as well as newsletter placements to the mix.

Special Bonuses and Savings

Ask your sales representative about special discounts available on large orders. The following bonuses and additional services are included in every ad campaign with RoboticsTomorrow.

  • Set-up fees – No fees are charged to set up your ad campaign.
  • Product Ad – Company Profile or Product (short description) with one link and photo
  • Management and Statistics Reports – Log into our ad server to view and analyze your campaign at any time (except Showcase).
  • Multiple Ad Creatives – Provide 2 ad creatives and split the views within one campaign.
  • Midstream Ad Changes – Swap ad creatives at any time without additional charges.
  • Bonus Ad Views – RoboticsTomorrow does not sell extra space to 3rd party ad servers. Unsold ad views are shared among our clients at no extra charge.
  • Press Releases and Product Announcements – Free at any time.
  • Company Directory – Free listings remain in our library forever.

Ad Design and Creation

Our parent company has the ability to help you with ad designs specifically tailored to your needs and the requirements of the internet and our website.  Our rates are reasonable and we have 18 years of experience in this medium.

Recomendations for Ad Design & Content

Based on our years of experience with Internet ad formats, here are a few recommendations to consider:

  • Include the words "Click Here" on all graphic ads (banners, hot spots, tiles etc.) and graphic links in showcase ads.
  • Optimize graphic ads to minimize file size to 25K or so to ensure the ad loads into the readers browser quickly. This is especially important in showcase ads.
  • Be straight forward with your message ... subtleties usually don't work. 
  • Change your ads from time to time to attract familiar readers back to your website. They are probably your best fans.
  • Login to read and analyze the statistics quite often and modify your ad campaign to improve performance or to reach a different customer. These are real numbers ... and RoboticsTomorrow provides the flexibility ... so use them to your advantage.
  • If you have an idea you'd like to try at RoboticsTomorrow ... just ask. Many of the services we offer came about as a result of feedback from you ... our clients.
For further information about these and other services contact:

RoboticsTomorrow (LJB Management Inc.)
Tel. (702)988-0904 / EFax (631)614-5216