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National Robotics Week And MATE ROV Competition
04/14/14, L Hetherington for, RoboticsTomorrow
The 2014 MATE competition highlights the role that ROVs play in exploring and documenting shipwrecks, studying sinkholes, and conserving our national maritime heritage sites.

Graphene – The New Magical Material
04/14/14, Len Calderone for, RoboticsTomorrow
Graphene may possibly be the future replacement for silicone. It’s a two-dimensional material that measures just one atom thick and has a breaking strength 300 times greater than steel.

Cable Carriers for Rotary Applications
04/14/14, Contributed by, Igus
Here are three different types of rotary applications and the cable carrier system used for each.

How Trends in Electronics are Affecting Connectors
04/14/14, Bob Stanton, Omnetics
New smaller and more portable electronics in aerospace, defense, and other stressful environments, like those encountered in robotics and oil exploration, are resulting in changing demands and designs of electronic connector systems.

DRC SafeStop Case Study
04/14/14, Contributed by, TORC Robotics
For the Robotics Challenge, to demonstrate the robot’s ability to operate a vehicle, DARPA chose to use the RANGER XP 900 EPS vehicles, which were all customized for the challenge with a TORC SafeStop Emergency System.

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Robotics Stories of the Day

New Computer Vision Project Can Solve reCAPTCHAs With Over 99% Accuracy

Submitted on: 04/17/14, 05:49 AM

From Google Online Security Blog:

Translating a street address to an exact location on a map is harder than it seems. To take on this challenge and make Google Maps even more useful, we’ve been working on a new system to help locate addresses even more accurately, using some of the technology from the Street View and reCAPTCHA teams.

This technology finds and reads street numbers in Street View, and correlates those numbers with existing addresses to pinpoint their exact location on Google Maps.

We show that this system is able to accurately detect and read difficult numbers in Street View with 90% accuracy.

Turns out that this new algorithm can also be used to read CAPTCHA puzzles—we found that it can decipher the hardest distorted text puzzles from reCAPTCHA with over 99% accuracy... (cont'd) (full technical paper)

A World Of Hardware Startups
Submitted on: 04/14/14, 09:39 AM
Upverter has a hardware startup master list and world map. Currently contains around 150 robotics companies, 500+ consumer hardware startups and a list of incubators, venture firms and everything else... (

Raspberry Pi Compute Module
Submitted on: 04/07/14, 10:55 AM
From Raspberry Pi Foundation: The compute module contains the guts of a Raspberry Pi (the BCM2835 processor and 512Mbyte of RAM)

$99 MinnowBoard MAX With Intel Bay Trail-I SoC
Submitted on: 04/03/14, 10:33 AM
From MinnowBoard: MinnowBoard MAX is another open hardware embedded board we've developed to serve the needs of both the professional devel

Evolving Soft Robots With Multiple Materials
Submitted on: 03/28/14, 05:39 PM
From Evolving AI Lab: Here we evolve the bodies of soft robots made of multiple materials (muscle, bone, & support tissue) to move quickly. Evolution produces a diverse array of fun, wacky, interesting, but ultimately

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Today's Robotics Headlines

Aero Surveillance introduces a new partnership with Aero Composite Innovation
Submitted on: 04/20/14, 02:42 AM
The first system coming from the collaboration is Aero Surveillance AS 20 based on ACInnov R^2 rhomboid aircraft, a highly miniaturized ARDENT™ sensor suite and a portable Ground Control Station.

New MicroTCA.4 Chassis from VadaTech Solves Power Redundancy Problem
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 04:08 PM
- VadaTech now offers an 8U high chassis compliant with the MicroTCA.4 specification that offers N+1 redundant power to 4400W.

FIRST® Robotics Students Get Opportunity to Use Tableau Software to Analyze Data for Competition
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:26 PM
Tableau Helps Not-For-Profit Organization Draw Awareness to Benefits of Data Analysis in Robotics

Sustainable Farming Provider Got Produce? Announces New Drone Sensor Technology
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:25 PM
Got Produce?® announces its new innovations in drone technology for use in hydroponic greenhouses. Drone technologies allow targeted real-time information for immediate control response.

Erkomat and Thrace Polybulk Launch New System for Fully Automatic Big-Bag Filling
Submitted on: 04/17/14, 02:23 PM
The main benefits of this revolutionary filling system are high output & low manning, relatively short investment payback time and health/ environment & safety advantages. The system also opens up possibilities to centralize filling operations with integrated system suppliers through cooperation which ensures smooth start-up and simpler support.

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Piezo Custom Motion Solutions From MICROMO

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