Open Automation Software Launches New Website to Showcase Its 'One Click' SCADA Solution - Complete SCADA

Today Open Automation Software announced the launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information on SCADA Software for Enterprise Business Applications.

Today Open Automation Software announced the launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information on SCADA Software for Enterprise Business Applications. This new website is designed for customers to easily identify the solution they need to solve their problems with just a few clicks of a mouse. The new website is a continuance of Open Automation Software's commitment to providing quality information and products that empower users to create best-of-breed SCADA solutions.

The website's homepage is designed to visually provide visitors with easy-to-follow paths that will guide them to software solutions, or services, needed to solve their problems. provides information for users at all levels and tackles a wide spectrum of issues ranging from: extending the life of legacy SCADA systems with new connectivity to moving data from the plant floor directly to the boardroom. Visitors to the website will be provided with a full catalogue of .NET based products, and services, which enable secure real-time data access from plant floor devices and make it available to decision makers at all levels.

The flagship product on is Open Automation's Smart Client SCADA Solution - Complete SCADA. The Complete SCADA solution provides seamless connectivity for SCADA Servers, SCADA Clients, Visual Studio Applications, Databases, and Microsoft Excel, etc. It can also share data with OPC Clients and Servers, Microsoft .NET Applications, SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, and ERP systems. Complete SCADA is an off-the-shelf product that provides users with the ability to easily create customized HMI applications for WinForm, Web, and WPF solutions with no additional programming required.

Complete SCADA was the first Smart Client SCADA solution released in 2004 and the first web-based AJAX SCADA solution in 2005. Complete SCADA is the first "One Click" SCADA product for Windows Operating Systems as well as the first SCADA product to run on smartphones like the iPhone and Android.

"Open Automation Software is extremely proud to have launched and have it serve as a first point of contact for users looking to find solutions for their SCADA connectivity issues. The website was designed to provide visitors with rich information that easily points them in the right direction to solve their problems. It is easy to navigate and designed to efficiently bring visitors to the information that they are seeking while showcasing our innovative product line through application stories and case studies," said Ken Eldridge, President, Open Automation Software.

For over 20 years Open Automation Software has been on the cutting edge of SCADA Technology and has continued to provide products and solutions that exceed customer expectations. With the launch of it is our intent to continue to take our customer service experience to a new level by making it even easier to access information about our "One Click" SCADA solution - Complete SCADA.

For more information about Complete SCADA, or the new Open Automation Complete SCADA website, please navigate to:

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