NUM's Flexium CNC kernel with its soft PLC is very popular with specialized machine tool builders because of its scalability.

Naperville, IL, June 11, 2012 --- Ways of enhancing the performance of

machine tools and increasing brand identity are key highlights of NUM
Corporation's booth at IMTS 2012. These attributes stem from the scalability
and customization possibilities of the company's advanced Flexium CNC
kernel. The company will also announce a large number of technical advances
spanning its entire CNC range, from the CNC kernel and HMI, through its
specialist drives and motors, to the company's well-known simulation

NUM's Flexium CNC kernel with its soft PLC is very popular with specialized
machine tool builders because of its scalability. This allows OEMs to use
the same control system across a complete range of machine designs. It can
be applied economically to small machines with up to five axes and spindles
for example, or much larger machines with up to 200 axes. This particularly
helps smaller machine tool OEMs with limited R&D resources to create custom
solutions easily and quickly.

Another aspect of the application-specific capability of NUM's CNC range is
the Flexium HMI. It is also highly adaptable, and can be programmed using
standard tools such as HTML, Java Script, or one of the PC-based rapid
software development environments. This flexibility makes it easy for users
to add their own unique 'look and feel' to machines, rather than settling
for the fixed user interfaces from some other CNC providers that can only be
modified by the manufacturer.

"Being able to maintain just one PLC and one user interface dramatically
reduces the workload on busy engineering departments, and allows both faster
deployment of new features to customers, and a simpler means for an OEM to
create unique 'look and feel' branding", says NUM's CEO, Peter von Rueti.

NUM's long-established range of drives and motors complement Flexium with a
motion control capability that is highly optimized for machine tool

The comprehensive range of CNC technology is complemented by NUM's business
philosophy, which emphasises the value of engineering partnerships. NUM's
willingness to provide machine tool OEMs with in-depth support on aspects
such as writing software and tuning machines is winning significant new
customers in today's fast-changing machine tool marketplace.

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