QUAN: Robotic Exoskeletons a Big Step Forward for the Disabled

Robotics firms such as Ekso Bionics are building battery-powered robot suits that enable paraplegics to stand and walk, igniting interest from disabled people all over the world.

HOUSTON--While the crime-fighting armor worn by Iron Man in The Avengers might still be a sci-fi fantasy, Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) is investigating new advances in robotic exoskeletons that could soon become real life savers.

Robotics firms such as Ekso Bionics are building battery-powered robot suits that enable paraplegics to stand and walk, igniting interest from disabled people all over the world. Until recently, the goal of independent mobility for paraplegics was just a dream. Thanks to advances in technology, however, that's changing.

Researchers all over the globe are developing new robotic exoskeletons designed to allow paraplegics to walk once more, and Quantum is now exploring ways to help make lightweight, intuitive exoskeletons an attractive, affordable option not only for the disabled, but for able-bodied laborers, as well, lightening the load of heavy tools and machinery.

"The bionic age is coming, and we plan to position Quantum to capitalize," said Quantum CEO Robert Federowicz. "The market for these exo-devices is clear, but they still need significant development work to make sense for the marketplace. We believe we have the resources to help make that happen."

Health and healthcare constitute a major area of focus for Quantum as it seeks out potentially profitable new robotics innovations primed for marketing and commercialization. The company is currently working toward a definitive agreement with the prestigious Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) in Warsaw, Poland.

PIAP is on the cutting edge of European robotics innovation, and the institute is working on many exciting robotics projects Quantum believes could soon generate major interest from businesses and consumers alike.

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Quantum International Corp. is working to develop the next generation of robotics technology to compete in a booming global industry alongside Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NasdaqGS: ISRG), iRobot Corporation (NasdaqGS: IRBT) and Dover Corp. (NYSE: DOV).

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Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) is a robotics innovation company working to commercialize the next generation of sophisticated, automated technology. The Company is positioning itself to develop, deliver and market the most cutting-edge innovations in robotics in order to leverage the worldwide demand for the precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness these technologies offer.

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