Photron launches FASTCAM SA-X RV

The FASTCAM SA-X RV is the latest Range Version camera to see regular use at the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) where temperatures regularly exceed 110F.

Photron is pleased to announce the launch of the Range Version (RV) of its bestselling FASTCAM SA-X high speed camera. The SA-X provides mega pixel resolution to 12,500 frames per second (fps) with a best in class ISO light sensitivity of 25,000, (accurately measured using the ISO 12232 Ssat method).

The Range Version (RV) option extends the operating environment of the FASTCAM SA-X by utilizing a high performance thermal design within the camera body allowing heat to be dissipated via an external heat sink mounted on the top of the camera with a fan blowing air onto cooling fins. The benefit is that Photron's traditional reliability can be extended into areas such as military test range testing, where ingress of corrosive dust, smoke and other materials detrimental to a cameras reliable operation are common. Such is Photron's reliability in extreme environments, that White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico elected not to renew the service contracts on the thirty plus Photron cameras they've been using since 2004 because they've worked so reliably that the contracts were seen as unnecessary!

The FASTCAM SA-X RV is the latest Range Version camera to see regular use at the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) where temperatures regularly exceed 110F. The high speed photo-instrumentation sections report that their Photron FASTCAM SA1.1, FASTCAM SA5 and FASTCAM SA-X high speed cameras operate very reliably in testing conditions, providing very happy customers with outstanding data.

The FASTCAM SA-X takes Photron's reputation for providing high quality, light sensitive high speed cameras to a new level. The image quality, performance and reliability of the SA-X are unmatched by any other camera.

About Photron:

Photron was founded in 1974 to provide manufacturing, sales and service of professional film and video equipment and photo- instrumentation. Since then, Photron has been offering photo optics and electronic technologies to manufacturing industries, the medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, as well as to the military worldwide. The company name "PHOTRON" combines photon and electron, the basic elements that represent our state-of-the-art technologies.

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