QUAN: Apple Technology Poised to Make Robots Easier to Use Than Ever

To produce powerful robots that even children will be able to quickly master without instructions.

HOUSTON--As Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) works to deliver powerful new robotics solutions to businesses and consumers alike, the technology in your pocket could soon dramatically increase the marketplace for robots designed for everyday use.

Researchers at institutions such as NYU-Poly and elsewhere are currently developing new mobile applications designed to put the high-tech features of Apple products such as the iPhone 5 and iPad to use controlling robots. The goal? To produce powerful robots that even children will be able to quickly master without instructions.

"If robots remain difficult to program and manipulate, they'll simply never catch on on a mass scale," said Quantum CEO Robert Federowicz. "The built-in sensors and touchscreens found in smartphones and tablets are ideal for a simple, user-friendly interface. Imagine a manufacturing worker, not long from now, lowering a robotic arm simply by lowering his or her phone.

"That's the future of robotics," he said.

To capitalize on this coming wave of smaller, easier-to-use robots, Quantum is negotiating a definitive agreement with Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurement (PIAP), a prestigious European robotics developer.

Partnering with PIAP could be the key to unlocking billions in potential revenues in the booming robotics industry. The mobile application marketplace is forecast to reach $25 billion by 2015; could robots be the next hot iPhone accessory?

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Quantum International Corp. is working to develop the next generation of robotics technology to compete in a booming global industry alongside Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NasdaqGS: ISRG), iRobot Corporation (NasdaqGS: IRBT), Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE: MDT) and Dover Corp. (NYSE: DOV).

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Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) is a robotics innovation company working to commercialize the next generation of sophisticated, automated technology. The Company is positioning itself to develop, deliver and market the most cutting-edge innovations in robotics in order to leverage the worldwide demand for the precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness these technologies offer.

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