Protomatic Invests in Robot to Increase Efficiency and Overall Product Quality

Improved process control, an 11-axis control system and round-the-clock operation are some key features of Protomatic's new investment: their first robot ever.

Dexter, MI December 04, 2012

For their first robot ever, Protomatic chose to invest in a highly-capable machine that operates with an 11-axis control system, can function 24/7 and increases overall quality of the product.

The setup of this new robot is based on Haas VF-2SSYT 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center (VMC) and Midaco Corp. 6-Axis "Robotic Part Loading/Unloading System." Together these components provide an 11-axis control system. The new robot's other features include air blow off actuators, automatic door operation, system handshakes and various manufacturing sensors.

Further, this new device comes equipped with a tool used to program its robotic movements. This tool makes it possible to quickly change the current motions the robot is carrying out through programming. After programming the robot, it will promptly transition into the new set of movements to complete the job at hand. The simplicity of this makes it possible for different tasks to be executed in a timely, efficient manner.

In addition to improving process control along with overall quality and consistency of the final product, the new robot is able to operate round-the-clock. Aside from a production standpoint, the ability to operate 24/7 prevents the machine from going through a cooling process. When these machines experience extended periods of downtime, they cool and then thermal drift can be altered. If thermal stability is off, inconsistencies in the product can occur.

Protomatic resides in a 30,000 square foot facility that can be found at 2125 Bishop Circle West in Dexter, Mich. The company's specialties include prototype machining and custom short-run precision CNC milling and turning. In addition to those services, Protomatic will customize, produce and assemble parts and systems for numerous industries and jobs. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, medical, military and several other markets.

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