RoboLabs, Inc. Develops the SmartMow, a Safe Robot Lawn Mower that Doesn't Require Perimeter Wire

SmartMow robot lawn mower uses advanced navigation, cameras, and GPS.

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., May 9, 2013 -- RoboLabs Inc. says that the safest lawn mower in the world is a robot lawn mower capable of operating completely without the use of a perimeter wire or other physical boundaries. The SmartMow Racer has a more user-friendly navigation system than any robot lawn mower on the market. The end-user simply drives the robot around the perimeter of the yard just like a remote-controlled car. The SmartMow Racer then will map the perimeter of the yard using its internal computed position, its GPS location, and it uses cameras to identify features in the yard.

Current robot lawn mowers require a continuous underground boundary wire that runs along the outside perimeter of the yard, the inside perimeter of the yard, and twice around every tree. If the perimeter wire is broken at just one point, the robot will not know where the mowing area ends. Perimeter wire has also been known to sink which allows the robot to leave the mowing area. The SmartMow Racer operates without a perimeter wire giving it a significant advantage over the competition.

The new SmartMow Racer has been engineered for safety using state-of-the-art proximity detection technology and a system that stops cutting blades from spinning in a fraction of a second. The unit will stop its motors instantly if a human or pet comes too close to the robot while it is in operation.

The SmartMow Racer uses a robust mechanical design, cutting-edge technology, and high quality parts to create a weather-tight, highly robust, and very efficient robot lawn mower. The new SmartMow Racer is designed to power through rugged terrain and is capable of ascending a 35° slope (equivalent to a 70 percent of grade). Also, a 4-year bumper-to-bumper warranty is included in the price of the SmartMow Racer exclusively for Kickstarter backers.

RoboLabs engineers have experience in the design and manufacturing of robotic lawn mowers. Michael Letsky is the founder of Robolabs Inc, and the inventor of the SmartMow robot lawn mower. His background is in Robotics and Aerospace Engineering for which he has over 15 years of experience. Mike's mission is to save kids from brutal lawn mower injuries with the SmartMow. Victor Echevarria is the lead mechanical engineer and Nicolas Mejia is the lead electrical engineer at Robolabs, Inc.

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