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Closer to Your End of Arm Tool: AGS Web Site with Enhanced Customer Portal We demonstrate it on the K-Show 2013 in Düsseldorf Hall 10 Both C28 https://inside.ags-automation.de/kundenportal/Custom/AGS_Registrierung.aspx Webside www.ags-automation.de

Closer to Your End of Arm Tool: AGS Web Site with Enhanced Customer Portal


In the creation of AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH's new web site, many of our customers' wishes have been included. Logged on to our portal, anybody interested in end of arm tool production is offered extensive information and features-simplifying both the details of choosing products and the assembly of end of arm tools. The jointly developed potential for solution-finding in end of arm tool manufacturing is reflected here.

Both End of Arm Tool Kits, the standard profile (Channelnut Profil) as well as our prism profile PRECIGRIP, present their wide range of variants and growing diversity. Simultaneously, based on each product we refer our customers to all of our numerous system combination options-created to optimize each end of arm tool individually.

Product Demonstrations, assigned to product groups, present the range of combinations tested in practice, and introduce the user to new perspectives. You can order instantly from each of the detailed presentations!
Entirely new, constructively useful combinations of components and materials are presented in the Product Ideas area. In stimulating our users' creativity, we intend to better respond to future practical requirements in a manner suited to our products. Simply request our prototype offers! All products are fully defined and displayed graphically; their 3D-CAD data may be downloaded in stp format. Automatic links to our merchandise management system enable receiving the latest Availability Information with every order placement. You may also contact our staff directly for inquiries.

Customers can access their complete order history, and previously agreed-upon price reductions, where applicable, will be included in each new product list along with the respective, current gross weight.

Orders placed from abroad will be settled up via our representatives in the respective country!
It has never been easier to assemble individual end of arm tools and to partake in the advantages offered by our new developments.

Featured Product

Pleora Technologies – Computing and Cost Advantages for Image Systems

Pleora Technologies - Computing and Cost Advantages for Image Systems

Pleora's External Frame Grabbers bring the advantages of Ethernet and USB 3.0 - including plug-and-play usability and low cost computing - to machine vision and robotics applications. Transmit uncompressed high-bandwidth video over GigE or USB 3.0 to existing workstation ports - no PCI/PCIe frame grabber required. Use low cost, small footprint computing platforms, including laptops and single-board systems, for processing, analysis, and display. Preserve investments in existing cameras and optics, while upgrading to a GigE Vision or USB3 Vision standard-compliant solution. Transmit data, power, and control data over a single cable to reduce component, installation, and maintenance costs. Integrators and manufactures rely on our interface products, standards expertise, and system insight to bypass design and integration complexities to shorten time-to-market, reduce risk, and lower costs.