Autocopter G15 Ag Solution


CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 29, 2013 -- Growers and Crop Consultants make decisions in the field using real-time information. The AutoCopter™ G15 Ag Solution now provides the ability to collect multi-spectral data using our patent-pending software and create Variable-rate Prescriptions within minutes from landing in the field.

Earlier the AutoCopter™ released the UAV precision agriculture solution to collect multi-spectral data and convert it to GeoTiff images. In addition to these features was the ability to see the field live with video streamed to the ground control station, creating geo-referenced DLSR images and HD Video at the same time.

"The amount of data is growing, but the amount to real-time data for decision making is often delayed. AutoCopter™ focused on collecting data and then providing it in the field - where our decisions are made and executed." (TS - Curtis, NE).

The AutoCopter™ has a precision manufactured aluminum airframe with the capacity to carry multiple cameras as it flies for two (2) full hours without the need to refuel. Find an area of concern, stop - go back - hover - or go down for a better look and then resume your automated flight path.

The auto pilot software has auto take-off & auto land features (learn to fly the first day of training). The flight of the AutoCopter™ is tracked on the ground control station as the live video link gives real time visuals. The mission can then be saved and flown again, exactly - same altitude, same route, same speed - for real comparative value.

The cost of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides makes it important to apply them strategically. Without accurate information, your applications are in the wrong place and the wrong amounts. Remote sensing of crops to collect real time data is made easier and more effective with the AutoCopter.

No more waiting for a vendor to deliver the satellite image or images from an airplane. No more cancellations for rain or distortion from the clouds. Better resolution, delivered immediately and with all of the tools to make the decisions in the field is an important leap forward for growers and crops consultants.

Capturing data at 100 feet gives incredible resolution of the HD Video, DSLR Images and the multi-spectral images. Easily view the field, see the areas of concern and be able to walk out to the area because the images are geo-referenced. Save time, scout more area, count and track sprouts and rows. Flying over the fields allows for views of tile and drainage issues and above pivot irrigation as it operates.

AutoCopter™ has been in the Precision Agriculture market for over two years and is one of the pioneers of unmanned aerial imagery for Agriculture. Recent smaller battery operated UAVs with a camera have entered the market. Their very limited flight time and weight constraints mean flying one camera at a time (often a miniaturized one). Every month we are asked to take one of these units in trade. Buyers found they were not built for professional use as the work product was not up to their needs and did not perform well.

"The ability to produce real-time NDVI maps in the field and from those maps create real-time variable rate prescriptions within minutes of landing is the major breakthrough." (RT-Northfield, MN)

The AutoCopter™ is a "UAV for farming" with technology loaded to improve precision agriculture, scouting and crop yields. We provide "eyes in the sky" and "real-time data in the field." Delivery time is four (4) weeks.

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