MTSI Announces Expansion of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) services into the Commercial UAS Marketplace

MTSI's in-depth understanding of the policy, regulatory, and technical aspects of the UAS industry will enable it to be a first-choice provider in the Commercial UAS marketplace, as it has been for over a decade in the Government UAS sector

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI), a leading systems engineering provider in the Government Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) domain, today announced the expansion of its world-class UAS services into the Commercial UAS marketplace. This emerging market, estimated by various sources at a potential $10 billion within three years, has been inhibited by the lack of a regulatory structure for integrating UAS into the National Airspace System (NAS) as well as the absence of established Standards for airspace-enabling UAS technologies. MTSI's Unmanned Systems Team of more than 70 dedicated UAS professionals has been deeply entrenched for over a decade in solving the Policy, Regulatory, Technical, and Operational challenges associated with integrating UAS into the NAS. MTSI's UAS expertise spans multiple government agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Intelligence Community.

Kevin Robinson, MTSI President, commented, "MTSI is strategically positioned to leverage our combined UAS capabilities into the Commercial UAS marketplace. Over the past decade, our familiarity with all varieties of UAS platforms, collaboration on dozens of Federal agency and Industry UAS efforts, and broad UAS systems engineering, integration, test, operations and certification expertise has created a convergence of capabilities and experience which we will now apply to rapidly develop emerging commercial UAS markets (U.S. and International) with carefully selected technology and investment partners."

Industry-leading MTSI products in the UAS domain include DoD's Unmanned Systems Roadmap, DoD's UAS Airspace Integration Roadmap, and the Federal UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee's Implementation Plan for Integration of Civil UAS in the NAS, among others. MTSI's trademarked Sense and Avoid Flight Encounter Simulation Toolset (SAFEST)® provides the capability to analyze critical UAS Sense and Avoid (SAA) issues, the linchpin of UAS NAS integration.

MTSI's UAS capabilities include:

*Requirements Analysis and Concept Development
*Systems Engineering and Integration
*Airspace Modeling and Simulation
*Operational and System Safety Analysis
*Standards Development
*Flight Test and Demonstrations
*DoD and Civil Airworthiness Certification
*Data Link and Network Information Assurance
*Strategic Plans, Roadmaps, and Policy Development

In the Commercial and Civil UAS marketplace, MTSI will offer critical policy, regulatory, technical, and operational expertise to help their Commercial and Civil UAS industry partners. Services will include:

*Commercial Photogrammetry for Precision Agriculture, Oil and Gas, and other industries
*Requirements Analysis, CONOPS, and Acquisition Support for Public Safety and First Responders
*Guidance for evolving Federal, State, and Local UAS regulations, including Privacy issues
*Guidance and technical support for Small UAS Airworthiness
*Guidance for customer Independent Research & Development (IR&D)
*Modeling & Simulation and Operational Analysis of UAS concepts, including SAA concepts
*Business Case Analysis for Commercial Operations
*Small UAS Training and System Safety
*Turn-Key Flight Test and Demonstrations

MTSI's in-depth understanding of the policy, regulatory, and technical aspects of the UAS industry will enable it to be a first-choice provider in the Commercial UAS marketplace, as it has been for over a decade in the Government UAS sector.

About Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI)

MTSI is an employee-owned U.S. company providing leading-edge technical and engineering services in UAS, military aviation, missile defense, cyber security, intelligence, space systems, and homeland security. MTSI's mission is to make important and lasting contributions to the nation's defense and security by providing leadership and best value solutions to America's most technically challenging strategic problems. Founded in 1993, MTSI today has over 575 employees, based across the United States. Read more at Please contact Paul Linnell to discuss partnership and investment opportunities; 703-564-3825.

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