The Micro Reaches $1 Million on Kickstarter in 25 Hours

M3D smashes $50,000 target to bring 3D printing to widespread consumer market.

Bethesda, MD April 08, 2014

The Micro has reached more than $1 million with 3618 backers just 25 hours into the campaign, after hitting their goal on crowd-funding site Kickstarter within minutes. Starting at the consumer-friendly price of $299, The Micro is compact and accessible, bringing 3D printing to the mass market.

The Micro 3D printer will now go into production ready to be delivered later this year to early backers:

Whether running a business or printing for fun and useful every day objects, The Micro can be used to create anything from custom toys, jewellery, and chocolate molds to real engineering and artistic prototypes. To start 3D printing you simply plug in the printer, download or create models, and hit print; making it ideal for both the everyday user and the more tech-savvy 3D printing enthusiast. The Micro comes ready to use out of the box, meaning that there's no setup or complicated instructions to follow - all in an accessible, compact and portable size that can rest on any table-top.

Michael Armani, Founder at M3D, explains: "We are absolutely astounded by the positive response we've had; to hit our goal in just 11 minutes and then to raise more than $1 million so far (and counting!). Thanks to our backers The Micro will now become a reality and allow the everyday consumer to try their hand at 3D printing, and we will make sure that we deliver on time. A massive thank you to every one who has backed, supported and given us your feedback, we could not have done it without you."

The simple to use interface means that consumers, designers, and engineers alike can enjoy this technology. More experienced users can enjoy the open source software, yet The Micro also offers the option to use the M3D software to provide a seamless, modern, user-friendly experience. Navigating the 3D printer software and looking through the designs is as enjoyable as playing a game, meaning that the process of 3D printing from start to finish is an easy and smooth experience. Search and browse countless objects online, organize 3D models you've downloaded into an easy to view library, and makes your ideas become a reality.

Founder David Jones explains: "We've managed to keep the cost of The Micro low by ensuring that it's space and power efficient, compact, and lightweight. It uses as much power as a tablet would use, without compromising on reliability, consistency, or accessibility. We're excited to be a part of the 3D printing revolution, and hope that The Micro will play its part in revolutionizing the way we build, innovate and create."


*The Micro Supports many different materials: ABS, PLA, nylon, chameleon, as well as M3D's micro filament spools or standard 1.75 mm filament spools available on the market.

*Compatible with Mac and PC and Linux through a direct USB-connection. Advanced users can use the expert settings, as well as other software such as open-source slicers.

*Micro Motion Technology is a sensor and feedback system built into the print head, providing auto-leveling and auto-calibration. This means that every time you run the printer it works well, even after thousands of hours of use.

*The Micro 3D Printer can print objects as tall as 4.6 inches or 116 mm.

*50-350 micron layer resolution, 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy.

*Dimensions: Print height: 116mm (4.6"). Base Print Area: 109mm x 113mm. Print Area Above 74mm: 91mm x 84mm.

*Removable ABS-bonding Print Bed.

*Printer Dimensions: 185mm³ / Printer weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs).

You can still back The Micro on their Kickstarter page until the end of their campaign on May 7. The Micro is designed for assembly and production in the USA.

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