Andy McAfee Forecasts the Second Machine Age at RoboBusiness 2014

October 15-17, 2014 in Boston, MA.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., July 15, 2014 -- RoboBusiness is proud to announce that visionary speaker, bestselling author and MIT principal research scientist Andy McAfee will keynote RoboBusiness 2014 (, the leading business development event for the global robotics industry, taking place October 15-17, 2014 in Boston, MA.

McAfee is a Sloan School tech economist and co-founder of MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy. He has delivered his research and findings on the future of technology at TED, Xconomy, The Aspen Ideas Festival, and numerous TV news segments as well as been featured by IBM Social Business, Oracle Videos, The CapGemini Group, The Forum Network, and GE Reports. His memorable appearance on 60 Minutes in January 2013 put McAfee at the center of the controversy around intelligent machines, employment, and the industrial re-shoring.

McAfee's keynote, The Second Machine Age, will discuss how robotics is driving the greatest era of economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution. His arguments, both pro and con, on a slew of topics from our present condition to what the future of intelligent machines and advanced software might hold, will prepare audience members for the new economy's unprecedented forms of human-machine collaboration and lay out the technological, societal and economic factors that will determine the next age of prosperity.

"RoboBusiness is thrilled to feature a brilliant mind like Andy's as part of our core program," says Casey Nobile, RoboBusiness Co-Chair. "He brings a fresh and thoroughly researched perspective on robotics' significance as a business enabler and how these exciting technologies fit into the shared future of the global economy."

Join Andy & Others at RoboBusiness 2014

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