The Rise of the Machine World: Robotics in our Homes, Schools and Cities

Are you ready for the impact robotics will have on the home, schools and cities? How can you prepare for future developments in robotics disrupting your industry?

The Future of Robotics Forum, organised by RE.WORK, will take place on 14 October at Impact Hub Westminster, London, and will bring together key influencers in the robotics revolution. Experts will share cutting-edge technological developments & explore how we can successfully integrate robotics into the home & workplace through public engagement.

Robotics are infiltrating our lives to provide more energy efficient homes, more advanced search and rescue missions and additional education sources in schools. As we enter further into a machine world, how can we ensure robots are integrated well into society? Research funding in the UK robotics industry is on the up but we need to ensure efforts to commercialise cutting-edge research are successful. This forum will bring together industry, investors, entrepreneurs and leading researchers to explore current challenges in the robotics industry including routes to market, public perception and technology readiness.

Discussions will include:

*Intelligent Mobility, Smart Cities & Urban Landscapes
*Bio-inspired Flying Robots & UAVs
*Robotics in the Home, Assisted Living and Education
*The Opportunities & Challenges of Commercialising Robotics
*Funding Early Stage Robotics Companies
*Robotics in the Construction Industry

Speaker Mathew Holloway, Managing Director of Q-Bot, said:

"All sectors have a potential to be impacted by robotics and machine learning. Robotic technologies are already used across the board, from performing works of art to exploring other planets. In many industries there are still examples where productivity is limited by human labour, advanced technologies will empower these workers and allow them to break this cycle."

The agenda will also feature:

Mirko Kovac, Director, Aerial Robotics Laboratory, Aeronautics Department at Imperial College London. His research interest is the development of next generation Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Silas Adekunle, Founder, Reach Robotics, will present his insights into the current state of the entertainment robotics market, where the industry is headed and how this links in with education and STEM.

Sebastian Conran, Designer, Sebastian Conran Associates. Sebastian takes a holistic user-centric approach to his work, covering the entire innovation journey from concept to consumer, through to manufacturing implementation, and marketing.

Ladislas de Toldi, CEO, Leka, a young startup which develops smart and innovative toys for children with disabilities. A former biotech engineer, Ladislas started working on Moti, a spherical robotic smart toy for autistic children, 3 years ago.

Tony Prescott, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience & Director, Sheffield Centre for Robotics, a cross-institutional robotics facility with over eighty active researchers. His research focuses on the development of biomimetic robot platforms that include control systems model on the mammalian brain.

Glenn Smith, CEO, MapleBird, a start-up at the forefront in the development of insect scale UAVs.

Tickets & Registration

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