Drone Innovator Louis F. Wise Appointed as Chief Science and Technology Advisor to Drone Aviation

Brings Over 30 Years of Military Intelligence and Drone Technology Development Expertise to the Company

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 15, 2015 -- Drone Aviation Holding Corp. (OTCQB: DRNE), a developer of specialized lighter-than-air aerostats and tethered drones, today announced that intelligence and drone technologist Louis F. Wise has been appointed to the newly created position of chief science and technology advisor to Drone Aviation's Board of Directors and management team. In this role, Mr. Wise will assist the company in its product development and contribute to expanding business development activities in the commercial, government and military sectors.

Mr. Wise retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after a very successful 36 year career as a senior intelligence officer. Working in CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology, Mr. Wise was involved in many critical Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) development programs. This ranged from satellite to aircraft programs where real-time information was delivered to support both tactical operations and our national policy makers.

Mr. Wise was an early pioneer in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) development in the mid 1980's, long before others in the United States government adopted this important new technology. In addition, Mr. Wise holds various patents and was directly involved in the development of digital imagery and communications technology used in national defense and counter terrorism. Following his retirement from the CIA, Mr. Wise was a senior scientist for Raytheon's Blackbird Technologies, a leader in supporting the DoD and the intelligence community, until his retirement in 2015.

Chairman Jay Nussbaum stated, "We are honored that Louis, a Patriot to our country and one of the early innovators in drone technology will be a part of our team as we strive to build a first-class global drone company. It's especially gratifying that an individual with Louis' impressive wealth of experience and knowledge has validated our unique tethered drone technology and agreed to join us following in depth meetings with our technical staff."

Louis Wise said, "Throughout my career, I have witnessed the impact that new technology can have on communications, security and defense. Technology platforms like tethered drones will certainly play a major role in the future of Government and commercial activities because of their long endurance and inherent safety. With almost 40 years of working with and developing airborne collection platforms, I can see countless applications for tethered drone technology, both at home and abroad."

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