Future is Here Now: Russia is Preparing the 4th Open Innovations Forum 2015

From October 28 to November 1, 2015, Moscow will host for the fourth time the annual Open Innovations Forum - the largest event in Russia that focuses on technology entrepreneurship and innovation-driven development.

For the first time Open Innovations 2015 will comprise a five-day international professional congress and a popular exhibition for general public performed as Technology Show.

On the 15th of July Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich chaired the meeting of the forum's Organizing committee where the concept of the forum and exhibition were approved. The away meeting took place at the 75th pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH) - the future venue of the forum. After the meeting Arkady Dvorkovich together with representatives of the Organizing committee inspected the event location.

The forum, centered around the main topic of Humanity in the Center of the Technological Revolution, will last for five days. Each day will be devoted to one of five specific spheres of the human life, dramatically changing under the impact of technologies - productivity, habitat, education, health and entertainment.

The updated Open Innovations is a shirtsleeve forum that counts on bright interactive formats of presentation and discussion typical for the global technology congresses: public interviews, debates, presentations, lectures, master classes, workshops, pitches. The plenary session hall as a room for performances of the key speakers will operate for five days of the forum. The organizers place special emphasis on the youth program where leaders of technology world will pass their ideas and skills required for efficient development in new technology reality to the most promising students and schoolboys from Moscow and regions of Russia. Daily 3-4 thousand participants will take part in the congress following their professional interest.

The exhibition promises to become the significant event in culture and entertainment calendar of the Moscow fall. It will intelligibly introduce the key tendencies of the global technological revolution to the visitors: from new materials, energy and artificial intelligence to transport technologies, robotization and game industry. Around 200 exhibitors will present their technology solutions at Technology Show - from the biggest global corporations to startups.

"This year the forum will be for the first time truly open. Anyone can attend the exhibition with just a ticket, no special accreditation is required. The event will be the highlight of the Moscow life in October and a business site for communication of everyone who deals with innovations in different industries - from computer games to serious medical developments and robotics. We hope that this year the forum will become a really remarkable event in the global innovation environment - interesting speakers, experience exchange, involvement of those specialists who make decisions in innovative activities. Turning the forum into the informal shirtsleeve site is a great step forward," said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

Open Innovations Forum has been hold in Moscow since 2012 according to the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation. The event is co-organized by Moscow City Government, Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO), Russian Venture Company, Skolkovo Foundation, Vnesheconombank, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises at Science and Technology. The operator of the Forum is the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum Foundation. For three years Prime Minister of Russia, heads of governments of some foreign countries, representatives of the largest global corporations, leaders of Russian business have taken part in the forum.

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