Lithium Power Introduces Long-Lasting Battery for Neato XV Robot Vacuums

Neato Robot Vacuums need powerful batteries to clean an entire house on one charge, and new lithium batteries last four times as long as old NiMH batteries. Consumers who do the math make the more economical choice by choosing lithium batteries.

San Jose, CA September 12, 2015

Lithium Power, Inc. announces the first long-lasting replacement battery for the popular Neato XV robot vacuum.

The Neato XV vacuum is gaining market share due to its high-quality navigation and vacuuming performance, but currently available nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries cannot provide the power needed to deliver its quality performance. Lithium Power therefore developed the long-lasting Lithium NMC Power Cell to supply the Neato XV all the power it needs to fully deliver its consumer benefit.

The Lithium NMC power cell delivers an 80-120 minute performance per charge. According to reviews on Amazon, with the Lithium NMC Power Cell the Neato XV cleaned a typical 1,500-2,000 square-foot house on one charge, a significant consumer benefit. Lithium NMC Power Cells can also deliver these consumer benefits to Neato XV owners:

* Four times the battery life vs. NiMH batteries. Replace batteries less often.
* Lower cost per use: $0.11 per charge vs $0.25 for NiMH replacement batteries
* Longer life: NiMH batteries lose performance (fewer minutes of operation per charge) after six months. A Lithium NMC Power Cell can last over two years and still deliver 80% of its original performance per charge.
* Power saving features: Lithium NMC has a "sleep mode" that saves its charge between uses. Other batteries "leak" 25% their charge or more while sitting in the closet.

"People want to ‘set it and forget it,'" notes Lithium Power CEO Wilson Chan. "So we needed to create a power source that allows the vacuum to complete its job on one charge. Competitive replacement batteries die halfway through the job of cleaning a typical 1,500-2,000 square-foot house. You have to recharge the battery, and figure out how to get the machine to clean just the half of the house that is still dirty. That is not ‘set it and forget it!'"

"Our battery costs more to buy than inexpensive NiMH replacement batteries, but gives you four times as many recharged life cycles," adds Chan. "This is the math that supports our $0.11 per charge calculation."

To get consumers to feel comfortable making the more expensive purchase, however, Lithium Power offers a strong one-year product warranty, with an optional second year, which no other battery company offers. If the battery demonstrates a significant loss in rechargability and performance within the warranty period, Lithium Power will replace the battery.

Lithium power cells are the future for all household appliances, says Chan. "Laptops, mobile phones and tablets all use lithium batteries for a reason. They last longer and hold a charge better. Now we can bring those advantages to all consumer appliances."

The Lithium NMC battery has been undergoing consumer testing since January, which has allowed Lithium Power engineers to spot and correct any issues that the testers found.

"We had a great experience through initial consumer use," says Chan. "The users really put our product to the test in their homes, running their Neatos with our batteries on all sorts of bare and covered surfaces to see how long it would last. We also tracked how easily the installation and recharging processes went. We gained great insights and put their input directly to use in refining the final product."

About Lithium Power, Inc.
Lithium Power, Inc. specializes in lithium technology and offers custom-made battery packs as turnkey solutions for OEM/ODM customers for medical, UAV, energy storage and industrial applications. The company also provides off-shelf lithium replacement batteries for the iRobot Roomba®, Scooba 300/450 series, Neato XV series, as well as scalable lithium battery modules for solar-powered products and medical-grade, long-lasting lithium battery packs for nursing-cart applications. Lithium Power, Inc. offers innovative breakthrough technology and ideas tailored to each of its specific application markets. For more information, call (408) 837-0206 or visit us at

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