AEE Launches New S71T Plus Action Camera That's Clearer, Faster and Smarter than Competitors

International Company Enters North American Market Offering More for Less

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2015 -- AEE, a rising player in the camera and drone industry, today announced the launch of their newest action camera: the S71T Plus. The new camera has all the features of competing cameras at an affordable price tag, and with more accessories bundled in.

The S71T Plus offers all the advanced technological features users demand, but at a wallet-friendly price of only $349, a savings of $50 over similar competing action cameras. With a detachable LCD screen for composing shots and accessing the menu, the AEE S71T Plus eliminates the need for a TFT Screen. It is able to capture full HD 1080p at up to 60 fps and for even more detailed shots capture 2.7K (2704 x 1520) at 30 fps and 4K (3840 x 2160) at 15 fps. The camera also takes 16 megapixel still shots in up to 30 second intervals for time lapse photography, or in bursts of 10 seconds for fast action sequences.

The demand for action cameras is at an all-time high, with 5.5 million units being shipped worldwide in 2014, up from 3.3 million in 2013. Technology forecasters are expecting this demand to rise to 9 million units by 2018. GoPro's recent IPO has further brought attention to the surging category. AEE is a major player in the already booming Asian and European markets, with revenues topping $55 million in 2014. Now, AEE hopes to conquer the North American markets and win a place in the backpacks of adventurers and casual users alike.

Built for the adventurer in mind, the S71T Plus also syncs to a coordinating iOS or Android app to remotely control the device from up to 300 feet via Wi-Fi. The S71T Plus is waterproof up to 328"/100 meters with the waterproof housing, while the GoPro is only 131"/40 meters. The camera also uses a Micro SD 64GBs and is Windows XP SP2/Vista/Win 7 or above and Mac OS compatible.

Features include:

* High resolution 4k
* Battery life up to 270 minutes for audio recording, 150 minutes for video recording
* High photo resolution
* Burst shooting up to 10/sec
* Built-in 1500 mAH lithium battery
* 180 degree image rotation
* Includes 2" removable touch LCD display
* G Sensor for motion detector recording

The S71T Plus also comes bundled together with accessories most action cameras sell for an additional price, including a remote control watch, 100m waterproof case, tethers, and anti-fog inserts. The camera is also compatible with over forty additional accessories available through AEE.

"We created the S71T Plus with the adventurer in mind," says AEE Executive Chairman Andy Zhang. "Every consideration has been made with a focus on a superior user experience. The S71T Plus action camera ensures that any exciting moment in life will be captured and live on forever in video. Its ease of use, high functionality, affordable price and included accessories make it the new must-have camera."

The camera is available for purchase directly through AEE at or from Amazon at

About AEE
Established in 1999, AEE Technology Inc. has been dedicated to develop and manufacture professional, advanced and reliable recording equipment's, which includes action camera MagiCam models, police recording equipment's, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system and aerial photography devices. As a pioneer in combining the advantage of wireless audio & video transmission technology, image processing technology and intelligent control technology, AEE focuses on developing breakthrough and innovative electronic technology products. AEE products can be found in leading retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Fry's, Dicks Sporting Goods and many others in over 55 countries and regions all over the world.
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