Lenze Welcomes Qualified Engineers to Seventh Annual Professional Development Program

Thriving recruitment and training program engages and cultivates highly qualified candidates from the next generation of engineering professionals

Uxbridge, MA - October 22, 2015 - Lenze, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, recently welcomed members of the 2015-16 class of the Lenze Americas Professional Development program, which kicked off in June.

Founded by Lenze Americas' president Chuck Edwards, the recruitment and training program strives to engage new talent and cultivate the next generation of young engineering professionals. Lenze training manager Mike Bailey oversees the program, enrolling three to eight highly qualified candidates each year from recent graduates of academic engineering programs. Chosen applicants become salaried employees of Lenze and over the course of a year receive extensive training in a range of engineering disciplines.

"The program is specifically designed to help each candidate identify a career path that's right for them," explains Bailey. "They are introduced to a wide range of jobs within the field of electromechanical engineering and given a firsthand look at how our innovative product portfolio takes shape—and how Lenze shapes the marketplace."

Since 2010, the Lenze Americas Professional Development program has hosted over 35 engineer participants, many of whom have gone on to fill a variety of professional positions at Lenze Americas, including roles as automation application engineers, OEM sales engineers, business development specialists, and technical trainers.

The Lenze Americas Professional Development agenda is extremely broad in scope, while providing new engineers the opportunity to explore specific engineering career options. Candidates rotate through eight departments two times over the course of the year, first learning through observation, and then learning by ‘doing.'

The structured schedule comprises five distinct phases. Phase I involves a two-week training on Lenze products and solutions, ranging from inverters to motors and gearboxes, extruder applications to pumps and fans. In Phase II participants start out with a four-week stint in the Lenze Applications Call Center before rotating into the following departments: Mechanical Operations, Test Engineering, Mechatronics, Automation Engineering, Service and Repair, Product Management and Electrical Operations, and Research and Development Engineering.

Phase III consists of a second round of visits to each department for practical, hands-on experience in each discipline. In Phase IV, the entire class attends training in sales and business development. In Phase V, they receive custom training tailored to their individual strengths and interests. These final 12 weeks are spent identifying and exploring areas of engineering focus in which they want to develop their skills and career path.

A comprehensive and structured training schedule is integral to the success of the Lenze Americas Professional Development program. In addition to the meet-and-greet that kicks off the program, there are many opportunities for social interaction and team-building, which create a sense of community among its members. The group comes together on planned training segments and collaborative projects to galvanize their roles as valued colleagues and as the Lenze Americas Professional Development team.

"We encourage class members to work together and leverage collective strengths, which are important skills they need to achieve professional goals," said Bailey. "One of the other key ingredients that make this a thriving program is the mutual support and sense of camaraderie that develop among members as they share experiences and knowledge."

About Lenze Americas
Lenze is a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology. As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, we offer our customers products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from a single source. We are a leading provider of automation solutions to the packaging industry, and our other focus industries include automotive, material handling and logistics, robotics, and commercial pumps/fans. With a global network of engineers, sales representatives, and manufacturing facilities, Lenze is well-positioned to meet the motion control needs of customers worldwide. Lenze, the American subsidiary of Lenze SE of Germany, is headquartered in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with an assembly and logistics center in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Corporate global headquarters are in Hamelin, Germany. Visit www.Lenze.com for more information.

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Universal Robots - Collaborative Robot Solutions

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