Adams Air & Hydraulics, Inc. announces new division, Adams Automation & Controls Inc.

Adams will be unveiling this new division with multiple product demonstrations at the ATX show in Orlando on November 18th and 19th in booth 848.

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 12, 2015 -- Founded in 1960, Adams' predominate focus was motion control and factory automation through the use of pneumatic and hydraulic energy. The Automation & Controls division allows Adams to offer additional electromechanical, extrusion, robotic, safety, and error tracking solutions to both existing and new customers.

"American manufacturing is back. This new division of Adams allows us to further live out our mission statement of strengthening American manufacturing by increasing our customer's competitiveness in the global marketplace through increased productivity and profitability," said Adams Air Vice President of Sales, Doug Adams. "The vendor partners we have chosen are the industry leaders in their respective categories for design, technology, and innovation. Creating the right partnerships to provide our customers with additional solutions was critical to us," Adams said.

Adams vendor partners for the Automation & Controls division are:

* 80/20, Inc. - Industry leader in industrial extrusion
* Balluff, Inc. - Industry leader in sensing technology, distance measurement, RFID, and I/O link devices
* Cognex, Inc. - Industry leader in machine vision systems and industrial ID/Barcode readers
* Epson Robots, Inc. - Industry leader in scara and small six-axis robots
* Kollmorgen, Inc. - Industry leader in servo/stepper motors and motion control
* Omron, Inc. - Industry leader in sensing technology, control cabinet components, PLC's, delta robots, and motion control
* Murr Elektronic - Industry leader in cordsets and distributed I/O systems

Adams realized with any new technology, training and support of these new products would be important. Adams has trained their entire staff and added internal and external resources to help customers select, design, and implement these new solutions. "Our goal is to have multiple resources our customers can utilize throughout their design process, essentially becoming an extension of their engineering group. We set our vision in 2010 to be the leading resource in the state of Florida for innovative, sustainable design, and successful application implementation from components to complete machine control. With this new division we now have that ability," Adams said.

Adams will be unveiling this new division with multiple product demonstrations at the ATX show in Orlando on November 18th and 19th in booth 848. A link for a free admission and information on the show is below - look forward to seeing you there!

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