AUTOMATICA 2016: The Marketplace for Innovation

STARTUP WORLD – part of the AUTOMATICA 2016 trade fair in Munich, Germany – will offer thriving startup companies active in industry automation and service robotics the opportunity to present at a leading international exhibition.

On 21-24 June 2016, STARTUP WORLD - part of the AUTOMATICA 2016 trade fair in Munich, Germany - will offer thriving startup companies active in industry automation and service robotics the opportunity to present at a leading international exhibition.

Startups are at the centre of technological innovation. Their developments improve existing products, and also drive the formation of entirely new market segments. STARTUP WORLD offers aspiring young companies, investors, and the industry stakeholders an exceptional networking platform. The surrounding AUTOMATICA trade fair and its global network of business and industry contacts is set to serve as a showcase for innovative technologies. During STARTUP WORLD, young businesses will be able to present their cutting-edge products to a broad audience and rub elbows with potential investors and customers.

The STARTUP WORLD Award give prizes to the best product innovations in two categories: Service Robotics and Industry Automation, and offer customers, investors, and other attendees the chance to experience them up close and personal.
Startups from around the world are welcome to enter, provided they are no older than five years. Their entries must also involve market-ready products or prototypes that are currently (or very nearly) in the market launch phase.
Those interested in entering the contest can register between 15 March and 2 May 2016 at

STARTUP WORLD Market & Stage
The STARTUP WORLD initiative has set its sights on raising the profiles of startups at leading international trade fairs like AUTOMATICA and thus helping these young companies establish closer ties to the realms of business and industry.
For the first time, the STARTUP WORLD Market will be offered at AUTOMATICA 2016. The exhibition and marketing package is designed to enable innovative firms to present their products and meet valuable new contacts.
In addition, speakers from business, industry, and the startup community will talk about the the latest trends on the STARTUP WORLD Stage.

AZO - an experienced organiser
The company organising STARTUP WORLD is Messe München partner Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO). An expert in building and maintaining global innovation networks and holding related competitions, AZO supports product innovations and the creation of new companies, particularly in the field of commercial space applications. "Through our startup initiative, we're working with Messe München to provide young companies with targeted support as they enter the marketplace," explains Thorsten Rudolph, CEO AZO. "This new innovation platform represents our effort to focus in particular on promoting collaboration among company founders and industry contacts around the world."

Benefits for Bavaria as a centre of technology
Falk Senger, managing director at Messe München, speaks from experience: "The startup format was already successfully introduced at AUTOMATICA 2014 and LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015," Senger points out the platform's significance to a hub of technology like Bavaria. "The highly positive response we have seen from visitors and exhibitors proves that this initiative is a boon for Messe München's technology trade fairs. Its continuation at AUTOMATICA 2016 will show where the future is headed."

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BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

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