MICROMO Launches New IER3 AND IERS3 Optical Encoders from FAULHABER

A New Standard for High Precision

MICROMO is pleased to announce the new high precision IER3 and IERS3 optical

encoders from FAULHABER. Both encoders deliver 2 channel quadrature signals
and an additional index signal. The encoders are highly precise, thanks to the
unique optical measuring principle. This measuring principle gives these encoders
a strong edge in terms of accuracy and signal quality when compared to encoders
with other measuring principles. A FAULHABER DC micro motor or brushless DC
servo motor can be positioned with a typical accuracy of 0.1° to 0.3° with the
IER3 and IERS3, making the encoders an ideal solution for a wide range of high
precision positioning applications across markets.
The encoders can be combined with series CXR and CR graphite-commutated
FAULHABER DC micro motors, starting with a diameter of 22 mm, and with FAULHABER series BX4 and BP4 brushless DC servo motors.
The encoders and their motor combinations can also be used with the new FAULHABER MCS/MC3 motion control family.
The encoders are exceptionally compact and lightweight in comparison to other optical encoders. The encoders are an opto-reflective system
as a single-chip solution: As the LED, photodetectors, analysis unit and interpolation levels are installed in one chip, the encoders take up
very little space. The diameter compliant IER3 and IERS3 encoders are mechanically identical and compatible with the magnetic FAULHABER
IE3 encoder. They lengthen the motors only from 15.5 to 18.5 mm.
Both encoders are also available with line drivers as the IER3 L and IERS3 L. The line driver generates complementary output signals and
makes the transmission of data particularly resistant to electrical interference, especially in encoders with long connecting cables.
The IER3 sets the standard and provides the highest resolution for its class with a resolution of up to 10,000 lines per revolution. The
encoder achieves an angular resolution of 0.009°, with the evaluation of 40,000 edges per revolution. The high resolution results in high
control dynamics and precise speed control. A multitude of further resolution variants are available. The IERS3-500 provides resolutions of
250 and 500 lines per revolution.
The IER3 and IERS3 optical encoders are perfectly suited to fit demanding positioning applications, such as those in medical technology,
laboratory automation, measuring technology or in optical systems due to high accuracy and repeatability requirements. The optical
encoders can also be used in automation technology, semiconductor manufacturing or robotics.
As the optical encoders are resistant to strong magnetic interferences, they
are also well suited for applications with magnetic interferences such as in
tomography or image processing.
Datasheet Downloads:
• IER3-10000
• IER3-10000L
• IERS3-500
• IERS3-500L
MICROMO (FAULHABER Group) specializes in high‐precision, micro drive
systems, servo components and drive electronics. The product range includes brushless DC motors, brush DC motors, piezo motors, stepper
motors, linear servo motors, gearheads, encoders and motion controllers that are used in the most demanding applications in markets such
as medical, aerospace, optics, robotics and semiconductor equipment.
At MICROMO, we don't just offer the industry's leading high performance motion products. We engineer motion solutions. Our Application
Engineers look beyond just components to offer optimal solutions for custom mechanical and electrical requirements. MICROMO's seasoned
team has the experience in the field to assist customers with choosing the correct component and system for unique motion control needs
and to meet superior precision and reliability requirements.
To learn more, please contact MICROMO today and speak with an engineer.

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