The Institute for Robotic Process Automation Expands Focus to Artificial Intelligence


NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- IRPA (The Institute for Robotic Process Automation), today announced it has officially expanded the focus of its professional association and knowledge forum to include Artificial Intelligence, and is changing its name to IRPA AI. The organization's rebranding reflects the broader range of coverage and resources the Institute is extending to its 7000+ growing membership, widening the scope beyond RPA to include intelligent automation, cognitive computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

"With our rebrand, we are changing more than just our name. It's the next chapter of a much bigger story that goes beyond technology - it's about how work gets done," said Frank Casale, Founder of IRPA AI. "For most enterprises it is no longer just about RPA. Many organizations have expressed their interest and need to learn more and quickly; they are anxious about the quickening pace of change. IRPA AI means we are expanding our role as educator, connector, supporter, facilitator and occasionally even therapist. We are aligning our focus to meet our members escalating needs."

IRPA AI members can expect to see a broader range of coverage, and more resources and programs spanning all aspects of automation including webinars, conferences, events and support services. These programs will be designed to help members understand the greater options, risks, opportunities and increased complexities of the expanding automation industry.

"In the past two years, companies have gone from asking what RPA is, to implementing it and delivering proven results," said Weston A. Jones, EY Global Robotics and AI Automation Leader, Advisory. "The industry is moving much faster than initially expected and we are no longer having futuristic discussions, as these technologies - from RPA to AI - are available today. IRPA AI is providing its members with the resources and the forum they need to understand these rapidly changing forces and their impact on our industry. There is no excuse for enterprises to delay evaluating these technologies and investing in them. Their competitors already are."

Membership in IRPA AI is free. To join and to learn more about IRPA AI please visit

Founded in 2013, the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) is an independent professional association and knowledge forum for the buyers, sellers, influencers and analysts of robotic process automation, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Our global network and advisory services offer leading-edge market intelligence, industry research, sourcing assistance, events as well as offer opportunities to learn and network with stakeholders across service industry functions. To learn more please visit

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