The Hobby Hand, Hobby Hand and two other wacky crowdfunding projects. Sit back and watch the videos.

Crowdfunding Projects For October

L Hetherington for | RoboticsTomorrow


Here are a few projects we think are worth looking into. Be careful... it is crowdfunding.

Hobby Hand 2.0 - Prosthetic Hand Robotics Kit

The Hobby Hand contains 5 servo motors for lateral movement and a servo motor frame that houses 5 additional servo motors for flexion. A top piece mounts the hand onto the servo motor frame that guides the flexion cables to the servos. 

A servo motor base contains the Arduino mega/uno + servo shield that attaches under the servo motor frame. This is the 'control' center of the Hobby Hand where all of the motors, sensors and additional peripherals are attached to the board. We are currently using servo motors to keep the costs down for the Hobby Hand Kit.  

Each finger has a total of 4 bands that saddle the center line (symmetry in plane) to maximize the stability of each finger. The elastic bands bring the finger back to its original position after closing. A rear covering is attached to the back of the Hobby Hand frame... (from $175, ends Nov 8 2016)


Hicat.livera - Start making your first machine vision robot

Livera by Team HiCat is an open source hardware project which aims to bring machine vision features to the Arduino community. We've provided libraries which contain machine vision related APIs such as:

  • 720hd video and photo capturing&processing
  • OpenCV enabled Color-Sensitive and Object-Tracking.
  • Wifi enabled wireless control (this can work with the iot!) 
  • Image capturing and data recording onto the onboard sd card 
  • Mobile observation and manipulation from our custom apps( web-based and native)
  • Programmable and open source.

Livera is a conbination of wifi router, web cam, accelerometer, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, within a small board size... (from $39, ends Nov 16 2016)


Spy v. sPi Robot Missions: Code. Capture. Defend.

Spy v. sPi is a capture-the-flag style engineering adventure that puts real purpose to basic design and programming skills. Spy v. sPi can be played individually or in teams, at home, in a classroom, or a workshop. In it, each “spy” is assigned a series of missions, each requiring them to write code to control an assortment of sensors that will allow them to protect their “jewel” in different ways, or capture the “jewel” of a competing spy.

Spy v. sPi is based on the GrovePi, an easy-to-build robot kit that includes a rich collection of programmable, plug-and-play components — from sensors for things like distance, sound, light, and infrared; to buttons, buzzers and more... (starting at $80, ends Nov $ 2016)


And two wacky projects:


KickStick ™ Brand Electric Skate Stick

This is a KickStick™ brand Electric Skate Stick. It is simply a motor at the end of a stick... that also Folds up. Its powerful 2 horsepowermotor... (from $399, ends Nov 14 2016)


COWAROBOT R1: The First and Only Robotic Suitcase

COWAROBOT R1 is a fully autonomous smart suitcase, that follows its user while avoiding obstacles in its path. We have merged “high tech” with the suitcase, in hopes that our new creation will allow people to travel more conveniently... ($519 + shipping, estimated Nov 2016 ship date)




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