• HUMANufacturing: humans and machines working side-by-side • Worldwide premiere of the e.DO “people make robotics” professional robot kit • European launch of the Agile AGV • AURA collaborative robots • Robot Application Park demonstration • Targeted Digital Manufacturing training seminars

Hannover, April 24, 2017 - Comau, a leading global company operating in the industrial automation field, will showcase its "new era of automation" at the Hannover Messe 2017 tradeshow, being held April 23 - 28, 2017 in Hannover, Germany. The event, which is considered to be the world's leading industrial show, is the perfect location to display Comaus commitment to innovation aimed at harnessing the full potential of Industry 4.0 within todays factories.

Leveraging its 40+ years of experience in the industry, Comau is in a unique position to understand the processes and the underlying needs of the operators and to propose them its advanced solutions. As a result, Comaus approach to collaborative, digital manufacturing is open, connected and easy to understand and to use. More importantly, it is characterized by a totally safe and synergistic collaboration between man and robot. HUMANufacturing: where industrial robots are no longer confined within the barriers and instead work directly alongside operators. HUMANufacturing also means strengthening the value of "human" in the manufacturing industry, and to this end Comau will showcase the power of its innovative vision in hall 17 - stand C04, directly inside a working production line. Using wearable and mobile human-machine interface devices, line operators will work in close contact with AURA robots within the assembly line. In addition, Comaus SmartRob assembly solution and the new Agile1500 AGV system, both of which are fully IoT-ready, are also part of the production line.
Another robotics first at Hannover Messe 2017 is the unique, "build-it-yourself" articulated 6-axis robot based on a 100% open-source hardware and software platform that encourages application sharing and expansion. Perfect for educational, entertainment, commercial and consumer use, the evolutionary e.DO robot can handle everything from executing simple pick and place movements to automating applications for business or personal use. A true industrial-like robot, e.DO has the power and flexibility to run virtually any application that falls within its speed and payload parameters.
"Its an honor to demonstrate our vision of Industry 4.0, which we call HUMANufacturing," says Mauro Fenzi, CEO of Comau. "Digitalization is transforming the industry in amazing ways, and our role is to guide companies of all sizes throughout this process, providing them with customized solutions that are fully connected and easy to use. This commitment to developing products and skills that enhance the digital factory is evidenced in the expansion of our comprehensive offer, which we have the pleasure of unveiling here at Hannover Messe."
The digitalization process will also require the creation of new expertise and professional roles at all levels, which is why a dedicated area of the Comau booth is designed to help visitors understand the new opportunities and challenges presented by Industry 4.0. Finally, Comau Academy will offer two free seminars per day - at 10.30 and again at 14.30 - looking at how companies can exploit their potential to the fullest and increase the efficiency of their production processes.
These and other innovative solutions can be seen exclusively at the Comau booth, hall 17 - stand C04. Comau showcases its collaborative robots AURA together with the openROBOTICS solutions also in the Application Park (hall 17 - stand E42).

Featured Product

 IPR Robotics - Right-Sized 7th Axis Robot Linear Rails

IPR Robotics - Right-Sized 7th Axis Robot Linear Rails

IPR Robotics offers a wide range of servo-driven 7th axis linear rails for industrial robots. These rails come in ten different sizes and are constructed from modular high strength extruded aluminum sections to handle payloads of 100 kg to 1600 kg or from steel to handle 2000 kg payloads. This variety of rail sizes allows each application to be sized correctly, controlling the space required and the price point. The drive train design of these rails utilizes helical gear-racks and is proven over 10 years to be repeatable and reliable, even in tough foundry applications.