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Machine Vision Brings Sight and Insight to Industry 5.0 Strategies

Being human-centric, 5IR has far-reaching implications for employees. 5R brings them back onto the plant floor, a step that adds agility and flexibility to automated yet rigid manufacturing processes by enabling the workers to play an active role in decision making.

Automating pick-and-place in food manufacturing

The requirements included automatic pick and place of up to 60 keys per minute, seamless integration with the existing production line and a minimal factory floor footprint.

Standard Bots Secures $63M in Funding to Propel American Manufacturing Forward with AI-Driven Robotics

With VC support from General Catalyst, Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, and Samsung Next, Standard Bots is bringing to market software and hardware engineered for next-gen AI robotics arms, serving renowned organizations such as NASA

How robots touch on the future of agriculture

One thing robot researchers are trying to mechanize is the human sense of touch. Sheeraz Athar, one of She’s PhD students, is changing the game by re-thinking how touch works.

Mecademic robots achieve sense of touch with Bota sensors

Mecademic’s plug-and-play micro-automation robots are designed for precision applications in areas such as component manufacturing. To give its robots the required sense of touch, Mecademic has focused on perfecting the use of force torque sensors from Bota Systems.

The Core of Optimizing Robotic Performance: Sensors in Warehousing

Without any external input to guide its actions or decisions, a robot would behave like a machine, performing tasks without adaptation or autonomy. Serving as the critical link between the robot and its environment, sensors enable the robot to perceive and interpret.

Strawberry Harvesting Robot– Ripe for the Future

While the current focus is on strawberries, the system is designed to be scalable and adaptable to other crops, such as tomatoes or peppers, offering a versatile solution for farmers.

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Agriculture Robots Market is projected to surpass USD 80 billion revenue by 2032

Farmers and agricultural enterprises are embracing robotic solutions to optimize crop production while reducing environmental impact. These technologies enable precision agriculture, efficient resource utilization, and eco-friendly farming.

Skild AI Raises $300M Series A To Build A Scalable AI Foundation Model For Robotics

Series A funding values Skild AI at $1.5B. Round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue, SoftBank Group and Bezos Expeditions. Company founded by pioneers in the field of self-supervised and adaptive robotics.

Industrial Robots Are at Increased Risk of Cybersecurity Threats: 7 Considerations for 2024

Industrial robot adoption is reaching new heights as manufacturers embrace Industry 4.0 initiatives. As beneficial as this movement is, it has led to some unexpected challenges for the sector. Most notably, robots are becoming a common target for cyberattacks.

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uEye ACP series provides added customization options for board-level cameras

Cost-effective from lot size one, readily available, highly variable

Delta-Q Technologies and A&K Robotics Partner to Advance Sustainable Urban Mobility

Collaboration showcases British Columbia's tech innovation and drives economic and sustainability progress toward 2030 emissions targets

AI Startup Jacobi Robotics Launches with $5 Million Seed Round and Motion Planning Breakthroughs to Program Robots 20x Faster

-A 95% reduction compared to traditional robot programming methods, Jacobi has set a new industry standard for robot deployment time. -Founded by a group of world-leading roboticists and AI researchers from UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University, Jacobi's founding team includes Yahav Avigal, Lars Berscheid, Max Cao, Jeff Ichnowski and Ken Goldberg.

Mouser Electronics Presents Exclusive Video Interview with Inventor Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST

In the 14-minute video, engineer and inventor Dean Kamen discusses engineering, innovation and the future of artificial intelligence.

Everything is getting easier - thanks to simplexity and some software - USABILITY HAS A NEW NAME

Simplexity has developed into a mega trend and will have a decisive influence on tomorrow's applications.

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High Performance Servo Drives for localized and distributed control applications from

High Performance Servo Drives for localized and distributed control applications from

Engineered to drive brushless and brush servomotors in torque, velocity or position mode, offers a broad selection of servo drives in a wide range of input voltages and output power levels.

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MacroFab operates the largest technology platform for electronics manufacturing, offering prototypes, high-volume production, and extended services through a network of over 100 factories across North America. A trailblazer in EMS manufacturing and digital supply chain solutions, MacroFab's robust platform and marketplace foster efficient electronics production, bringing manufacturing closer to the end user. MacroFab delivers unmatched efficiency and accessibility to the hardware tech community.