uEye ACP series provides added customization options for board-level cameras

Cost-effective from lot size one, readily available, highly variable

Delta-Q Technologies and A&K Robotics Partner to Advance Sustainable Urban Mobility

Collaboration showcases British Columbia's tech innovation and drives economic and sustainability progress toward 2030 emissions targets

AI Startup Jacobi Robotics Launches with $5 Million Seed Round and Motion Planning Breakthroughs to Program Robots 20x Faster

-A 95% reduction compared to traditional robot programming methods, Jacobi has set a new industry standard for robot deployment time. -Founded by a group of world-leading roboticists and AI researchers from UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University, Jacobi's founding team includes Yahav Avigal, Lars Berscheid, Max Cao, Jeff Ichnowski and Ken Goldberg.

Mouser Electronics Presents Exclusive Video Interview with Inventor Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST

In the 14-minute video, engineer and inventor Dean Kamen discusses engineering, innovation and the future of artificial intelligence.

Everything is getting easier - thanks to simplexity and some software - USABILITY HAS A NEW NAME

Simplexity has developed into a mega trend and will have a decisive influence on tomorrow's applications.

Harness the Power of AI/ML for Predictive Maintenance: Get Ahead of Pump and Motor Failures

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, ensuring the smooth operation of machinery is crucial to maintaining productivity and avoiding costly downtime. One of the most significant challenges in industrial maintenance is predicting equipment failures before they occur. Traditional maintenance approaches, often reactive or scheduled, can lead to unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. However, with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), businesses can now leverage predictive maintenance systems to anticipate pump and motor failures weeks in advance. In this blog post, we'll explore how AI/ML-based predictive maintenance systems work and why they are a game-changer for modern industries.

Chef Robotics Launches AI-Powered Food Robot to Help Overcome Global Labor Shortage in the Food Industry

Chef's first-of-its-kind food manipulation AI model equips its robots with the flexibility needed to meet the demands of modern high-mix food production

Introducing the New Delta Line Servo motor controller: Leo B2000

Delta Line has extended its Leo Drive family with the introduction of the new Leo B2000 Drive, a new high-performance closed-loop servo drive controller suitable for Servo and BLDC motors.

Megvii Automation & Robotics Facilitates Colgate's Intelligent Upgrade

Colgate, the personal care giant, has recently teamed up with Megvii Automation & Robotics to upgrade traditional warehouses. By introducing 'Matrix8 Storage', a smart solution for high density storage using 4-way pallet shuttles, it has achieved a 30% increase in overall efficiency and expanded storage capacity by 20%.

Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show 2024 Concludes with Resounding Success, Reporting 40% Growth in Attendance

Showcasing innovation and collaboration in Quebec's manufacturing sector, the event presented a leading speaker lineup that included executives from Deloitte, Scale AI, NGen, R©seau des Centres d'expertise industrielle, Investissement Quebec and others.

Canvas, World's First Robotic Drywall Finishing Company, Launches the 1200CX

Years of development and customer feedback has resulted in the 1200CX, Canvas' new compact, all-wheel drive machine optimized for small spaces

Universal Robots celebrates milestone with over 500 innovative products in its ever-expanding ecosystem

The rapidly expanding UR+ ecosystem offers a wide range of components, kits, applications and solutions within both hardware and software designed to meet various customer needs. An example is the vision tool from UR partner SICK that attaches to the Universal Robot arm.

Geo Week and Reality Capture Network Announce Strategic Partnership

Reality Capture Network will host a dedicated conference track at Geo Week in Denver, CO

Plus One Robotics Accelerates Market Expansion with New Leadership and Strategic Focus

Industry Leader in AI-Powered Robotic Automation Appoints New President to Drive Sales and Go-to-Market Initiatives

RGo Robotics Perception Engine to Power Onward Robotics' Fulfilment Center Automation

With RGo's localization solution, Onward's Pyxis platform can provide uninterrupted operations of its fleet of robots, delivering breakthrough productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Robotmaster® 2024

Robotmaster® 2024

Program multi-robot cells and automatically solve robotic errors with ease. Hypertherm Associates announces a new version to its robotic programming software. Robotmaster 2024 addresses key market trends including the support for programming multiple robots in a single work cell and the demand for automatic trajectory optimization and robotic error correction.