The services that will provide through their fabbs range from printing, injection molding, CNC milling to scanning, conceptual and CAD design.

Global Expert Platform for Production Services in Additive Manufacturing

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The focal point of is creating a platform to allow an intensified exchange between end customers with professional service providers in the field of 3D printing, scanning, CAD services and other relevant areas in additive manufacturing. Ltd. is a young start-up company in the technology sector for additive manufacturing. We are a team of German engineers, computer scientists and designers. The Limited is listed in the UK with an operational branch in Cologne, Germany.


What is the concept behind is an international expert platform for production inquiries and offers services in the range of industrial additive manufacturing. Clients don’t just upload a CAD file but also specify their production requests and ideas as a technical tender or call for bids. Accordingly, fabbs (professional 3D printing service providers) offer their production capabilities and prices. Clients can define their requirements for their inquiries based on material properties, amount, delivery times and various other specifications. This inquiry leads to a call for bids for the registered companies on After a defined time, the client receives pricing indications and production options from potential suppliers with detailed background data of the company. The client chooses from this list the best match for his budget and other constraints and requests official quotation.


What services will you provide?

The services that will provide through their fabbs range from printing, injection molding, CNC milling to scanning, conceptual and CAD design. The service to our fabbs will be a transparent platform with tenders of production inquiries from the end clients.


Why is a platform like necessary?

There is no platform out there yet which serves providers solely representing professional companies on a global range. We feel that it is time for that. The concept and core philosophy is to allow this young stream of production technologies to be established as large scale and reliable industry. Qualities, traceability and transparency will be easily transported towards end clients through industry providers. Commonly used quality markers, such ISO 9001 certificates and others display the degree of professionalism for companies. The same is for material characteristics and used machinery. Accordingly, offers the promotion of such quality labels throughout the bidding processes. Another big issue, we believe will solve, is that there is no platform available that is dealing with the established ways of industrial procurement. The concept on is similar to general industry-oriented tender platforms where the fabb pays a monthly fee to see and bid on all open and global production inquiries. We don’t charge directly or indirectly the end customers and inquiring parties who put a model/object on the platform.


What makes the big difference between and other platform for services in additive manufacturing?

Common service platforms and exchange portals for services in additive manufacturing leave the know-how for proper choice of materials and production technologies (like SLA, FDM, SLS etc.) to the end-customer. But we believe that our fabbs operating these machines every day know best which materials, settings and technologies should be used to meet the client's requirements.

Compared to other platforms, is offering established ways of industrial procurement. On the current established platforms, clients pay commission fees to the platform whereas the service providers are being cut in their arguments for proper negotiations. The concept on is different to this and similar to general industry-oriented tender platforms where the service provider pays a monthly fee to see and bid on all open and global production inquiries. There are no costs for end customers and inquiring parties who put a model/object on the platform.


How big is the market for your services?

Common studies state a global market growth from $2.5bn in 2013 to more than $16bn in 2018 for services and 3D printers. These studies also state an annual growth in this market from 40-50%. This incredibly fast growing industry needs awareness in established industry sectors. To create a demand and trust, transparency and visibility is more than necessary to serve such numbers and forecast.


Who is you primary customer?

We see us as B2B platform and are targeting industry/engineering and medical companies, universities and RnD institutes.


How will you recruit the companies that will fulfill the orders?

We will on the one hand of course use the classic ways through trade shows, sales specialists and social media streams, on the other hand will we try to reach a wide professional audience through established journals like roboticstomorrow, which are providing a deep knowledge and insights to the industry.


Are there other services that you plan to offer in the future?

Yes, but one step after the other ;-)


About is the global expert platform for production services in additive manufacturing through professionals and high quality companies. Our platform is an industry-based tender system, that is allowing fabbs to place bids for inquiries.

Customers can upload and define their production requirements as inquiries on the platform. fabbs are offering according their production capabilities and price structures.

The four co-founders of are Dr. Stefan Rilling (studied computer science), Matthias Rosenthal (studied computer science), Florian Reil (studied mechanical engineering), and Anton Gillert (studied electric engineering).


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