Most of the innovations in automated parking design have come from the architects and developers as they are now more conscious of integrating the garage into the overall design.

Automated Parking Solutions

Yair Goldberg and Santiago Rodriguez | Unitronics Automated Parking Solutions


Tell us about Unitronics Automated Solutions and automated parking.

Unitronics is a turn-key provider and leader of autonomous parking solutions with multiple installations throughout the world. The company, with more than three decades experience providing expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation of automated logistics and parking systems, has provided automated solutions for Fortune 500 companies world-wide.

Unitronics solutions are completely autonomous systems designed and constructed to minimize the area required for parking cars. The fully autonomous storage and retrieval system transports driverless cars to and from parking spaces optimized for maximum storage due to the elimination of wasted space between cars and ramps needed in standard non- autonomous lots.


How do you distinguish yourself from your competition?

Unitronics has three decades of experience in automation and is the industry’s only turn-key provider in that design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance are all done by Unitronics personnel. Our competition utilizes reps to do the installs.

Unitronics has been successful in providing fully operational small and large parking solutions.


How has automated parking evolved over the last decade or so with all the innovations in technology and robotics specifically?

Most of the innovations have come from the architects and developers as they are now more conscious of integrating the garage into the overall design. This comes out a need to have a more seamless facade on the entire project but also for sustainability reasons, designing the garage with the intention that it might be repurposed in somewhat car-free future as apartments or offices.


What are the benefits of Unitronics Autonomous Parking Solutions? 

Unitronics provides designs that can save up to 50 percent of the parking space required by conventional solutions. Unitronics solutions save on operational costs, such as insurance premiums, heating, ventilation, electricity, and personnel. Insurance premiums have been proven to drop around 50 to 70 percent based on reduction in driver caused incidents and the virtual elimination of break-ins.  Heating is not required since there are no humans in the garage. Because no engines are running in the garage, emissions are reduced and ventilation requires to only two air exchanges per hour. Electricity is reduced because there is no need for constant lighting and the fact that no elevators need to service the garage.


How secure are Unitronics Autonomous Parking Solutions?

Unitronics Autonomous Parking Solutions are more secure than traditional garages since there is no human access to the parking structure. This assists in the reduction or virtual elimination of theft, assault, and fender benders.


Give us an idea on the automation, robotics and other processes that are involved in your autonomous parking solutions.

Unitronics provides the most reliable autonomous parking solution based on the fact that the company uses tried and tested components that are controlled by Unitronics’ proven software. We provide the driver with a system interface that guide them into the proper position as a series of sensors confirm vehicle compatibility. A safety buffer is provided for all vehicle occupants.


What level of redundancy is implemented in Unitronics Autonomous Parking Solutions?

Unitronics designs in accord with the needs of the facility. The designs are redundant to allow multiple methods of operation for the system.


How does Unitronics envision the future of parking?

Unitronics understands that technology is progressing with the concept that driverless vehicles are in the horizon. There are many sociopolitical concerns that surround this technology and Unitronics is prepared to embrace this when it is ready. Our team has already engaged communication with some of the industry leaders of driverless vehicles. Our garages are also prepared to be adaptive to the needs of this new technology.



About Yair Goldberg
Yair Goldberg is the CEO of Unitronics Systems and has more than 15 years of experience in the development of autnomous parking solution products and systems. He is a graduate of Ben Gurion University in Israel where he earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


About Santiago Rodriguez
Santiago Rodriguez, Vice President of Commercial Operations for Unitronics, is developing the company market in the for Automated Vehicle Storage & Retrieval Systems (AVSRS) business.  He has nearly 30 years of experience in vertical transportation, holding multiple licenses along with an MBA. 



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