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AUBO Robotics

AUBO Robotics manufactures a lightweight intelligent collaborative robot with six degree of freedom, the AUBO-i5. This robot arm was specially designed with important functions from the start, combining state of the art technology with user friendliness to make this a collaborative robot (Co-bot) for any application. Robotic automation is no longer out of range for small to midsize companies. The user-friendly setup facilitates fast ROI in real production environments so employees without programing skills can adapt this robot for most high mix or small batch applications. Hand-guiding allows the operator to teach / program the robot way points manually or using a teach pendant, both require no programing skills. The open source architecture enables the Robot Operating System (ROS) to be supported through an API for industrial, research and academic uses. ROS-Package: Aubo Robot / This repository provides ROS support for the AUBO Robots. AUBO uses Lua communication protocol, user data values cannot be created or modified in Lua, only through the C API. This guarantees the integrity of data owned by the host program. Aubo robotics provides academic institutions with safe, cost effective and functional robotic equipment to accelerate technologies and innovation in all aspects of academia.

Mailing Address:
2704 Cherokee Farm Way, Suite 203
Knoxville, TN 37920
United States of America

Tel: 8655007144



Company Category: Industrial Robotics

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Keywords: Robotics, Collaborative Robotics, Cobot, Robot

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