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BitFlow, INC.

BitFlow, INC.

BitFlow has been developing industrial frame grabbers and software for the imaging industry since 1993. We specialize in interfacing to cameras with very high data/frame rates; working in environments with complex triggering and I/O requirements; and running in applications where every CPU cycle is precious.

Mailing Address:
400 W. Cummings Park Suite 5050
Woburn, MA 01801
United States of America

Tel: (781) 932-2900



Company Category: Factory Automation

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Keywords: Frame grabbers Camera Link CoaXPress Cyton

Partner Status: Marketing Partner


BitFlow Introduces 6th Generation Camera Link Frame Grabber: The Axion

BitFlow Introduces 6th Generation Camera Link Frame Grabber: The Axion

BitFlow has offered a Camera Link frame grabbers for almost 15 years. This latest offering, our 6th generation combines the power of CoaXPress with the requirements of Camera Link 2.0. Enabling a single or two camera system to operate at up to 850 MB/S per camera, the Axion-CL family is the best choice for CL frame grabber. Like the Cyton-CXP frame grabber, the Axion-CL leverages features such as the new StreamSync system, a highly optimized DMA engine, and expanded I/O capabilities that provide unprecedented flexibility in routing. There are two options available; Axion 1xE & Axion 2xE. The Axion 1xE is compatible with one base, medium, full or 80-bit camera offering PoCL, Power over Camera Link, on both connectors. The Axion 2xE is compatible with two base, medium, full or 80-bit cameras offering PoCL on both connectors for both cameras. The Axion-CL is a culmination of the continuous improvements and updates BitFlow has made to Camera Link frame grabbers.


CoaXPress over Fiber

Fiber optics transmit data as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic. When bundled with hundreds of other strands, the resulting fiber optic cable will transmit more data at faster speeds and over longer distances than high-grade copper cables.

The Axion xB series frame grabbers from BitFlow, Inc.

Conversion from a Neon CL board to an Axion board is quite simple. The connectors are the same, so cabling won’t be an issue. Simply swap out the boards, upgrade the SDK to the most recent version available on our website, recompile your code and you are good to go.

The Claxon Platform, a Quad CXP-12 PCIe Gen3 Frame Grabber

CXP-12 now offers the ability of transfer data at rates of 12.5 Gbps over a single cable up to 40m. Accompanied by the ability to power the camera from the PC via the cable is unique and unprecedented. No other interface can offer these options at these data rates currently.

Business Perspectives and the Impacts of COVID-19 - Q&A with BitFlow Inc.

Donal Waide, Director of Sales at BifFlow Inc. shares with us his thoughts on how BitFlow is managing through the pandemic as well as insights into what the future of Robotics and Automation may be.

Is CoaXPress the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Camera Safety Systems?

High-speed CXP 2.0 is ideal for AV and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) connectivity applications. Camera images from multiple sources around the vehicle, along with data from sensors capturing object shape, speed and distance.

BitFlow Identifies Five Machine Vision Trends for 2018

BitFlow, Inc., a manufacturer of frame grabbers for machine vision cameras, annually gives its top five industry trends for the upcoming year.

Questions to Ask When Specifying a Frame Grabber for Machine Vision Applications

Frame grabbers are no longer exclusively used in machine vision; they are today an essential component of dozens of industries. It is therefore important that the frame grabber manufacturer is involved in standards committees and other groups monitoring the evolution of this fast-changing technology.

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Press Releases

BitFlow Announces Integration of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Module with its Cyton and Claxon CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

Seamless Integration Enables Prototyping of End-to-end AI Accelerated Vision Applications with Support for Multiple CXP Cameras

Hyperspectral Imaging in Food Inspection Requires the Processing Speed of CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

More accurate than human inspectors, machine vision systems can scan food for a variety of unique characteristics, such as its ripeness, size, shape, and color, as well as to detect the presence of blemishes, stems, seeds or dirt. Besides exerting influence on a product's appearance, these characteristics measure its nutritional content and suitability for preservation.

BitFlow Enters into Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Advantech

Companies to Leverage Imaging Technology Synergies to Target AI-powered Machine Vision in Industry 4.0 Environments

BitFlow Enters New Era of Growth Driven by Unparalleled Demand for Higher Speed Vision Systems

Company demonstrates the Power of Innovation with the industry's largest portfolio of CoaXPress and CameraLink frame grabbers

BitFlow to Demonstrate CoaXPress over Fiber Technology at Automatica 2023 Exhibition

BitFlow will be displaying the Claxon Fiber, along with its full line of multi-channel CoaXpress and Camera Link frame grabbers in Hall B5, Booth 509. In addition, BitFlow will be part of the MVTec Machine Vision Application Tour at Automatica 2023. Tour participants will see firsthand how the Claxon Fiber feeds high-speed images directly into MVTec HALCON software at data rates up to 40 Gb/sec.

BitFlow Publishes CoaXPress Whitepaper

BitFlow has published a new whitepaper Controlling CoaXPress Cameras from The BitFlow SDK Tools, Configuration File, and APIs to help integrators new to the CoaXPress (CXP) standard integrate CXP cameras into their system infrastructure to shape positive outcomes.

CoaXPress Express over Fiber Optic Cables Opens Up New Opportunities in High-Speed Imaging

An extension of the existing CoaXPress 2.1 specification, CXPoF supports data transport from a camera to the host PC over fiber optic cabling instead of coaxial copper cable. CXPoF combines CoaXPress 2.1 bandwidth with fiber optic's virtually unlimited cable lengths, immunity to electrical noise, and lighter and smaller footprint.

Force of Habit: BitFlow CoaXPress Frame Grabber Used by Research Team to Determine Habituation Model

In order to monitor the habituation process, each fish was recorded by the Mikrotron camera for one hour at 560 frames per second (fps) as it was being exposed to complete darkness alternated with bright LED lighting and acoustic tapping.

BitFlow CoaXPress Frame Grabber Provides High-Speed Imaging to Help Diagnosis Serious Eye Disorders

Experimental tomography system requires no contact with patient's cornea and reduces inspection time to seconds

BitFlow to Reveal its First CoaXPress-Over-Fiber Frame Grabber at VISION Trade Fair in Stuttgart

BitFlow Claxon Fiber CPXoF frame grabber extends CoaXPress's capabilities to help machine vision system integrators reach throughput targets


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