Have the Right Parts on Hand and Avoid Costly Conveyor Downtime by Ordering Parts Kits from Dorner

Ordering critical replacement parts for 2200 Series conveyors is faster and easier than ever before, thanks to new Parts Kits from Dorner.

HARTLAND, Wis., (July 16, 2018) — Ordering critical replacement parts for 2200 Series conveyors is faster and easier than ever before, thanks to new Parts Kits from Dorner.

These new Parts Kits help ensure you have the necessary key parts on hand for quick repairs to avoid costly downtime. The new Parts Kits for Dorner's 2200 Series conveyors come in two levels:
• Level 1 includes a belt and drive tail kit
• Level 2 includes a belt, idler tail kit and drive tail kit
Both kits are available in Dorner D-Tools, site of Dorner's conveyor productivity applications, including its CAD Library and Product Configurator.
Parts Kits are a new initiative in Dorner's commitment to providing the highest level of aftermarket support to its customers. To support this effort, Dorner recently named Kelly Tebon to lead its Aftermarket Sales Program. Additionally, Parts Kits will soon be available for Dorner's 3200 Series, as well as other conveyor platforms in the coming months.
For more information on the new Parts Kits from Dorner, visit www.dornerconveyors.com; to contact Kelly Tebon, he can be reached at Kelly.tebon@dorner.com; 262-369-1338.
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