Sisu Unveils the VUDU™ Industrial Robot Programming System

The VUDU Industrial Robot Programming System is The Easiest and Fastest Way to Program an Industrial Robot - Period.

Sisu, a U.S. based innovator of electro-mechanical machines and robotic automation, unveiled its new VUDU Industrial Robot Programming System at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), held in Chicago, September 10 - 15. Scheduled to launch in early 2019, VUDU is the simplest way to program an industrial robot.

Simple and highly advanced, VUDU is designed for all sizes of industrial robots. It uses a handheld controller to simultaneously translate and rotate the robot end effector in all six degrees of freedom. The controller is paired with an intuitive touchscreen pendant for visually writing programs using an intuitive tree structure with point-to-point moves, path moves, I/O operations, and logic structures. The system is so simple that it doesnt require a robot programmer, but can be programmed by machinists, welders, and other non-programming professionals.

"VUDU allows you to program industrial robots in minutes, not hours," says Russ Aldridge, Co-Founder and CEO of Sisu. "VUDU takes robot automation to a new level utilizing Sisus patent-pending MUV360 Technology. With its intuitive design and visual programming interface, VUDU dramatically decreases the complexity of programming and opens the door for thousands of new automation applications."

Sisus patent-pending MUV360 Technology allows for rapid, intuitive movement of the robot arms six degrees of freedom. The user can simply push, pull, or rotate the robots end effector into any position, without physically touching the robot. The robots frame of reference constantly adjusts to the position of the user during both macro positioning and fine adjustment. Unlike standard robot pendant controls, the user never has to guess which way the robot will move when a button is pressed.

For more information about the VUDU Industrial Robot Programming System by Sisu, visit their web site at, or contact Sisu directly at 512-377-6075.

About Sisu
Sisu is a U.S. based innovator of electro-mechanical machines and robotic automation. Based in Austin Texas, Sisu has engineered machines for companies throughout the world, specializing in high-tech, precision applications of robot industrial automation for the microscopic manufacturing world of consumer digital devices.

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